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One step forward, two steps back

So the publisher that I put my story out through, LessthanThreePress, is shutting down. They were a really nice publisher with good terms that cared about their authors. I'm sad to see it go. All the rights to my story returned to me and I'll get the last royalty payment in September. Now I'm faced with a choice: do I put my story up on Amazon as self-published? It's got the benefit of several rounds of editing with an editor. But... I'd probably have to format it and design a new cover. I am waffling.

Work on myUndertale fanfic continues. I am taking a break between arcs. Only I realized I'm going on vacation right in the middle of the next arc. Oops? I am definitely not posting while on vacation. Given how things usually go, I doubt I'll even be writing.

Which reminds me, I need to back-up my laptop at some point. It's begun to do a worrying thing where it randomly restarts while in sleep mode. Right now it happens about once a weekish, but it makes me worry. I hate looking for new laptops. Mostly because what I consider the most important features (such as keyboard placement that doesn't cause wrist strain or dig into my arms while typing in bed), are not what manufacturers consider the most important features. I've not had good luck ordering laptops via the web, but at the same time, I never can find a laptop with the computing power I want in stores. Ugh.

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The work on the WORSE THING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN continues. I am now almost 44,000 words into this and it is hilarious to me how bad it is. I'm still enjoying writing it and will definitely recommend the software I am using to track the pacing. It works really, really well for my style of writing. I don't know what I'll do at the end of this story. Revise it? Cannibalize it for scenes/ideas? Its so bad.

Dinner tonight will be homemade chicken noodle soup. Right now I'm making the stock from a bag in the freezer full of what I so helpfully labelled "chicken bits." It's basically skin, spines, and those little bags of giblets from the last 4-5 times I spatchcocked a chicken and roasted it. Added to it were some tiny carrots from the CSA and the leftover bones from the last roasted chicken. I threw in some bay, salt & pepper, some dried onions, and the few cloves of garlic we had left in the fridge. Bring to boil and then simmer for two hours. Homemade chicken stock! I'll add the dark meat chicken, egg noodles, and chopped up celery/onions/carrots when I cook the noodles in the broth to make soup.

I also pulled a bag of corn I froze from when the CSA gave us an abundance of sweet corn in the summer and put that in the fridge. I'll probably have it with some of the chicken next week and a salad for dinner.


I am eyeball deep in the second round of edits for my story. The good news is, I don't have to re-write the entire first part again. The bad news is, I still have to do some rewriting. Nothing too bad so far but I'm only about 1/4 of the way through. Thank goodness I had some time off so I don't have to try and cram edits in around my normal work hours.

The thing is, as much as I find some of these edits annoying, it really, really does make for a better story. Even if I don't agree with them. I at least am now aware that someone picked up on something in certain places and it allows me to fill in the gaps even if I do it in other places.

I'd prefer doing all my own editing with no commentary, but I know that that doesn't work. One, because I am even slower at editing than I am at writing. Two, because a lot of times I cannot get out of the story enough to see the weak spots. Still, this will never be my favorite pastime.