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I worked about 2hrs longer at my contracting job than I wanted to because some people couldn't get me the inventory I asked for four weeks ago. I wound up having to cross check four different sources, none of which agreed. That meant I had to catalog the differences and send them over so someone could tell me which items are supposed to be on the list and which aren't. That took all the hours I had planned on working today plus an extra two hours.

My only consolation is that I got to charge these suckers per hour. You make me do more work, you're going to have to pay for it.

Damn son...

So at work they are obviously changing vending machine vendors. How do I know? I went into work on Wednesday and saw the following signs.

"Tired of items being out of stock in the vending machines? So are we. We're getting a new vendor in. These machines will be picked up on Thursday and new machines delivered on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience."

The thing is, those signs were still up when the old machines were picked up. Meaning the guys from the old vendor saw them.

Damn son. Facilities at my place does not mess around when it comes to their soft drinks and candy bars.

One of those weeks...

Today at work I named a folder I was making "New Hampshite" instead of "New Hampshire" and didn't noticed till four hours later when I went to add some data to a map. And honestly? That's just how this week has been going.

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Having to read and annotate 100 pages of gov't bureaucratic bullshit that touches on your field of expertise but was written by people who attended a talk once about what you do so that makes them experts should be its own special level of hell.
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You know, when I took my current job, I never knew I would be explaining how rounding works to a lawyer. I guess you don't need to pass basic math to get a law degree.
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Going to the conference today reminded me that I really, really suck at small talk.

Except for the lady who sat next to me at lunch. We got in a great discussion about bird banding, using outdated software to handle millions of records, and how we both feel like you half-way need to be a programmer to do thing in GIS these days. She was awesome.

I would have stayed longer, but I seem to have developed a migraine. Yeah. On the bright side, I came home just in time to miss the worst of the snow.

We'll see how long I can stand the light coming off the monitor before my headache gets too bad for even that.

Food and work functions

What is it about food at work functions that makes some people's brains turn off?

I was always taught a couple of simple rules for catered events, like work functions. Don't go through the line a second time until everyone has had a chance to go through once so that people get a chance to eat. Don't put things on your plate and then return it to the communal dish. Don't scrape stuff off or pick stuff out of your food there in line. If stuff is being served by a person and is not take as much as you want (usually done to make sure everyone gets some or when there is a limited amount for some food like a vegetarian option), don't try to get multiple helpings.

Things I saw at the catered work event today:

- Someone spotting a couple of unmanned dishes while one of the servers were helping someone else and adding a serving of ham, a serving of turkey, and a serving of fish to their plate which already had two serving of beef. This was in addition to the entire plate full sides they had. They probably had enough food on their for three people.

- Someone picking out the tomatoes from their salad and putting it back in the salad bowl.

- Someone using the cake server to scrape the icing off pieces of cake and leaving the icing on the cake stands for people to maneuver around.

- Someone going through the desert line four times before most people had even gone through once. This person also got multiple slices of the various deserts each time.

I mean really? Really? Come on guys.

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I mentioned that I went into business and quickly discovered that it was not for me. What I should have said is I don't mind doing it part-time, but cannot handle it being my full-time, main income producing gig. This means I have a few clients that I have a contract with that use me on an "as needed" basis. It's occasional work that lets me keep my skills strong in ways that my normal job doesn't.

Since I'm on an as needed basis and because I have a odd set of very technical skills, I can charge a lot per hour. And I do. This drives away anyone who doesn't really need my skillset AND ensures that the clients that stay take my time seriously.

I always feel a bit weird about charging people so much just to talk with me on the phone for an hour about projects that may or may not happen.

But not weird enough to not bill them for it.
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Sick, but nothing to do with my bowels. This icon just expresses my feelings on the matter.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Sunday when the hurricane was coming in, I got sick. Like high fever and chills kind of sick. The fever broke Sunday night, which left me with this lovely congestion and cough. Monday and Tuesday were fine: I could stay at home with public transit out, lay on my couch, and pay homage to the Kleenex gods. I was slowly getting better in the way of lingering congestion does: I feel better each day, but every time I sit for more than five minutes I leave behind a small pile of tissues. Wednesday and Thursday I went into work. I started coughing more, and was blowing my nose every 5-10 minutes instead of every 3, but I was getting better.

Then my ears started bothering me. It started with a crackling sound in my ears. Then yesterday, everything started sounding like it was under water in my left ear. About noon, my left ear very suddenly became muffled sounding. Then it had the weird underwater effect. Then it started to hurt.

That was not cool. So off to the clinic I went. The thing that annoyed me most was she kept calling it allergies. Looks lady, it's not allergies. There is nothing triggering this response in me that is not a virus or a bacteria of some sort. STOP CALLING IT THAT. But she gave me the following run down of what was going on:

1) My ears are not infected. Meaning there's no happy, fun pill I can take to make it go away.
2) There's fluid and pressure build up behind my ears due to the congestion. I shouldn't travel because pressure changes = very bad. This means no family reunion.
3) The only thing to do is wait it out and rest. I am not thrilled with this, but that's the way it is.
4) There is medicine to help make the symptoms less severe, but mostly I'm just going to have to suck it up.

Last night I had a bought of insomnia brought about by the fact that I can't breathe out my nose, I have pressure in my sinuses, and now it sounds like I'm stuck permanently in the underwater scenes of the Little Mermaid. I was going to go into work. Then my wonderful, beautiful, sweet wife drove me down to work to get my laptop because she thought it would be better to work from home. Half way back I said "Fuck it. When we get home, I'm going back to bed." So I called in to work and told them I'm not coming.

Then I went to sleep for an extra four hours. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Still can't hear well. Still coughing and sneezing. Still feel like my sinuses are full of liquidy slime. But dammit, now at least I feel rested.

Needless to say, creativity has taken a hike as I've dealt with this mess. Which is my way of saying I haven't written anything all week. Hopefully, that will change once I get through this. And if I never see another box of tissues again, it will be too soon.

PS: Kira says "Hi" to everyone. Literary cat is literary. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````