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On vacation

Adorable kids I have seen this trip so far:

  • The little boy who upon seeing the koi in the pond yelled “FISH!” and ran up to the edge. The koi, upon seeing the kid, though they were going to get fed and swam quickly up to him. The boy then decided the fish were too scary, ran behind his dad’s legs, and yelled “TOO BIG! BIG FISH!” Dad tried to coax him to the pond. Kid was having none of it. To be fair, some of those koi were longer than my arm so I don’t really blame him.

  • The little Japanese boy on the beach with a pink intertube who convinced his mom to take him into deeper water where the waves were. When he was there he started singing what I assume was a Pokemon theme (it was the only word I recognized) in Japanese. Every time mom tried to go into shallower water he’d stop singing, ask her to go deeper, and then start right back on the Pokemon theme.

  • The little girl who couldn’t have been more than five gently herding the pigeons out of the hotel lobby while her mom held the automatic door open for them. Every time one would go out she’d tell it “Good bird.” Before going to herd the next one out. These birds frequently go in and out when people do, but I don’t think the little girl realized that. She was determined to save them.

Not going as planned

Good news: We are in Raleigh, NC as planned.
Bad news: We had to pull the car over and have it towed on the way to Raleigh, NC, which was not planned.

And of course, this being 4th of July weekend, the dealership service center we had it towed to is closed until Tuesday. Guess it's a good thing I already took Tuesday off. miome with her magical internet ninja skills found us the one car rental place open on Sunday, so we'll have a rental. My awesome friend picked us up and is getting to the rental place (she and her boyfriend also fed us last night, which makes her doubly awesome). But yeah, plans for this weekend have gone a bit off the tracks.

At least I'll have a new story to tell. :)


I am on vacation from now until Monday. Traveling to see family until then. I may or may not have internet, but I will at least have my computer to type on.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving.

Wicked was AWESOME

At gamoid's suggestion, miome and I went to the Museum of Sex. It was interesting. I liked the exhibit on Condoms and the one on Sex in Animals. After that, we went to eat at Carnegie Deli. Sandwiches as big as my head.

After that it was Wicked. It was awesome. Miome and I have a disagreement going on. Both of us agree that the acting in Wicked was phenomenal (much better than Lion King, were older Simba was kind of a whiny brat). However, I still think the visuals in Lion King were better and Miome liked those in Wicked better. We both agree that Lion King had better musical numbers. Of course, we have already started contemplating threesome.

After the show, we walked down to a Italian restaurant where the food was awesome, but damn if they did not bring out three different desserts before they got it right.

One more day in New York, then we'll be heading back to DC. This has been fun. I can't wait to see what we do tomorrow.

Busy day is busy

Today we went out to The Cloisters because I have wanted for years to see the unicorn tapestries. I was not disappointed. Everything out there was awesome. I loved looking at all the medieval architecture and art. Although let me tell you, there was a couple of little kids that I can only describe as hellions that should not have been there. I am all for kids being exposed to art, but only when they are not running and screaming through the rooms while the parents try to pretend that it's not their hellspawn nearly taking out have the exhibits instead of actually parenting.

After The Cloisters, miome and I went to The Russian Tea Room and had high tea. That was awesome, though Miome insists that the Russian Tea Room in Chicago is better. I will have to see.

We are probably going to stay in tonight, though I might try and convince Miome to walk down to a Starbucks with me. Tomorrow is Wicked on Broadway and maybe Carnegie Deli. I don't know what we'll be doing on Monday, except hopping the train back home.


Dear digestive tract,

I have not done an unusually large amount of walking. I have not been eating richer food. I have not been under any sort of stress on this trip. So why the hell have I had to run to the bathroom not once, not twice, but three times today? WTF? This is my vacation. Stop ruining!

No love,

New York, New York!

We are in New York at our hotel. Our room is tiny and I've already made the joke that Spiderman would no trouble knocking on our window given the giant ledge outside. We got in late because our train broke down somewhere in Pennsylvania. But we are here now. I have no idea what we are going to do today: we haven't planned that far ahead. Maybe hunt down the drunk idiots who woke us up at 4am with their loud, giggly conversation in the hallway. We have the camera and so will have pictures. This is going to be awesome.


I have the tickets for Wicked booked.

I have Amtrak tickets booked.

Tomorrow, after I am paid, I will book the hotel room.

I'm taking miome to New York for her birthday!

I will try not to use too much of this time gathering information to write Young Avengers fic.