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Miome and I were discussing hoop skirts and I brought up that one comic where men keep asking ladies at a ball to dance and the ladies keep pretending they can't hear them because their skirts are so big that the men are too far from them.

Miome replied with this:

Mr. Butler kept trying to ask me to dance, but my hoop skirt was dummy thicc and I couldn't hear him over the sound of my crinolines rustling.

This is why I married her.

Tsaiko and Miome Theater: Close but not quite

So on the radio this morning, we heard a commercial for some sort of oil (the almighty Google tells me it's Castrol). The tagline for this oil was "It's Liquid Engineering."

Tsaiko: In my experience, liquid engineering is coffee.
Miome: LOL
Tsaiko: My experience in school tells me it's what you have to give engineers in order for engineering to be done.
Miome: It's kind of like oil for them.
Tsaiko: You do have to change it every once in awhile or it will turn to sludge.
Miome: And if you don't put enough of it in them, they'll grind to a halt and make disturbing noises.

Tsaiko and Miome Theater: Battle of the Bands

Tsaiko: Remember the video I sent to you of the cat meowing to Collective Soul's Shine?
Miome: Yes.
Tsaiko: I was reading the Wikipedia article on Shine. Did you know people thought Collective Soul was a Christian Rock band because of that song? Because they used the word heaven in it.
Miome: Well, I can see that.
Tsaiko: Really? They had a writer tell them "Well, you use the word heaven in your song."
Miome: 'Heaven let your light shine down.' is the only line I remember. I can see why they were confused.
Tsaiko: Using the word 'heaven' in your song does not make you a Christian Rock band. That's like saying that because they're called Nirvana, they must be a Buddhist Rock band.
Miome: *cracks up laughing*

It's sacrilegious!

Let me give you some background on this comment. We are in the process of painting our dining room red. And when I say red, I mean red. You could seriously murder someone in this room and no one would be able to tell. In face, right now it looks like someone murdered someone in the room because we have some splatters on the lower portion of the room below the chair rail, which will eventually be covered with white.

As a result, I have had to clean a couple of paint brushes and paint rollers that looked like they were utilized in a sacrificial offering. We use the paint rollers with the removable covers, which you can get two uses out of if you clean them really well. I'm cheap. Therefore, I make sure to clean these things really well.

Imagine if you will be bent over the sink, rhythmically stroking a 9 inch roller cover with my hand to get the paint out of the nap. It is bright red. As I'm doing this, I turn to miome and say:

"I feel like I'm masturbating Satan."

My only regret is that I didn't have a camera to capture the hand gesture to accompany that statement. :D