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A mixed bag sort of day

- It's never a good idea to keep a lamp that you suspect has a short in it until the lightbulb in it actually catches on fire. Just an FYI.

- Last night I dreamt that Sarah Altman (Teddy's mom from Young Avengers) was our realtor.

- My co-workers drive me crazy some days.

- Traveling schedule has changed yet again. I just want to know for certain where I'm going to for the next year.

- Signed up for the class my boss wants me to take. This ought to be interesting. Come this fall I'll actually sign up for a class I'm interested in like Python programming. That way I'll be able to do an even more awesome and ultimately useless version of a hangman game.

On my list of things that annoy me

I hate the Federal Student Aid's loan service for one very important reason. Their "electronic debit account" program. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea. set it up so that every month the FSA gets to withdraw money from your account and get a discount on the interest rate you have to pay. They get a guarantee that they'll get paid on time and you get to pay less interest. Everyone wins. So what is the issue?

The issue is that when you set it up, the only option is to make minimal payments. That's it. No other options. Which means that when you sign up, if that's all you do, it'll take you 10 years to pay off the loan and you'll have paid the maximum amount of interest possible and still meet the terms of your loan.

But wait! In the terms of the loan agreement, there is no penalty for paying off a loan early. Which leads me to the next frustration: trying to figure out how to give these people more money than I owe them. There's actually two different ways and both of them suck. First, I can remember to log in every month and send more money as a one-time payment. Yeah, that's not happening. Or you set up a recurring payment option with will deduct an additional amount from any account and apply it to the loan.

So why am I so annoyed?

Because these recurring payments can only last 6 months. That's right. After six months. And after that, you once again have to remember to log in and set up another recurring payment. Otherwise you default back to the minimum payment, maximum interest schedule.

It's so ridiculous. I mean, on one level, I understand. They want to get as much money from you as possible. On the other hand, this is terrible customer service. In order to give them the money I owe them, I have to set up two drafts from my bank accounts. Then I have to remember to go through this process again every six months. Why in the Hell can I not just increase the amount I pay them through their electronic debit account program?

The government. It makes no damn sense at all. -_-


Dear student financial (non-)aid,

I have a $1,000 loan with you. Even though I only have to pay $40 to you every month, I pay $100 because I don't want to have to deal with your sorry ass any more. When I manage to scrape together $200 extra to send to you one month, I expect to see that $200 applied to my loan amount. I do not expect you to state that you never received that $200 when I can look at my bank account, look at the transaction history with confirmation number provided by you for that amount, and see that you clearly received the money. So why is the last payment shown as being for $100? And why are you saying I owe you $800 instead of $600?

I am especially displeased because you got that money over two weeks ago and are still calculating interest based on the higher, incorrect number. A THOUSAND TIMES NO. I AM NOT PAYING YOU ONE FUCKING CENT MORE THAN I HAVE TO. FIX IT! FIX IT NOW!

No love,

The more you know

Did you know that there is a difference between italicized periods and non-italicized periods? It's noticeable if you know to look for it. Did you also know that one of the things I had to go through and check for in all 80+ pages of my thesis? I had to make sure all the periods were not italicized.

And now, as I'm writing this story, I find myself checking to make sure all the periods are not italicized.

I really hope this is just temporary insanity...
problems with technology

That won't work

Well, I was going to zip up my information on my school computer, upload it to a website, and download it at home. I just looked at how large that folder is. 37.5 GB.

Yeah, that's not going to work.


Thesis has been submitted to the library. Once it is approved, I can print out the copies I need and take them to the bindery. At which point, in seven days when the bindery delivers them, I will be done with my Master's degree.



I think I have discovered a document I like putting together and updating even less than my resume.

That would be my CV.

Seriously does anyone really care how many times I made the Dean's list or that I graduated from a scholar's program or even that I was a "Outstanding graduating senior in Earth Science"? Hell, I did these things and I don't particularly care.

Edit: While trying to figure out the scholarship I got for field camp, I found that I was thanked years ago in the newsletter of one of the professional organizations I am part of for helping them run one of their regional meetings. I wish someone had told me at the time about that!
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Fail tuesday

Between one of the people I share the office with bringing in their kids, who proceeded to poke and stomp and yell at each other, and the obnoxiously loud class of five that my adviser said could use the big screen in the office over the summer, I had the hardest time concentrating. Meaning that I didn't get nearly as much analysis done as I needed to. This was not helped by yet another issue arising in the project.

Feh. Today failed.