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I worked about 2hrs longer at my contracting job than I wanted to because some people couldn't get me the inventory I asked for four weeks ago. I wound up having to cross check four different sources, none of which agreed. That meant I had to catalog the differences and send them over so someone could tell me which items are supposed to be on the list and which aren't. That took all the hours I had planned on working today plus an extra two hours.

My only consolation is that I got to charge these suckers per hour. You make me do more work, you're going to have to pay for it.

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Miome and I were discussing hoop skirts and I brought up that one comic where men keep asking ladies at a ball to dance and the ladies keep pretending they can't hear them because their skirts are so big that the men are too far from them.

Miome replied with this:

Mr. Butler kept trying to ask me to dance, but my hoop skirt was dummy thicc and I couldn't hear him over the sound of my crinolines rustling.

This is why I married her.

Damn son...

So at work they are obviously changing vending machine vendors. How do I know? I went into work on Wednesday and saw the following signs.

"Tired of items being out of stock in the vending machines? So are we. We're getting a new vendor in. These machines will be picked up on Thursday and new machines delivered on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience."

The thing is, those signs were still up when the old machines were picked up. Meaning the guys from the old vendor saw them.

Damn son. Facilities at my place does not mess around when it comes to their soft drinks and candy bars.

Discussion of bread of all sorts

The bread I baked last week was gone by Tuesday. Which is to say, Miome was so glad to have good tasting bread she could eat that she devoured the loaf. So this weekend I went with the recipe I usually make because it makes two loaves of bread. Hopefully this will last us the whole week.

I also met with a financial planner through my job and was able to lay out all the retirement stuff I've been doing on my own. He was impressed. In fact, he told me "You seem to have this figured out and thought through. What do you want me to do?" Um... be an extra set of eyes? He gave me a few suggestions, but overall said I was in a good place. Considering I've had 5 jobs in the last five years, yeah me? It was nice to hear that I'm doing OK though.

I did ask him if he had any advice on getting a parent to make a will. I love my mom, but she's being stubborn about this. My sibling and I have gently hinted, but she seems to think we'll just split everything evenly. Well, yes, we will, but now I know that in the state she lives in, there's a good chance it will need to go to probate court before we can do that. Which is a pain. I got some advice, but it looks like I'll just keep chipping away.


Neighbor lady strikes again

It appears neighbor lady is back to believing we should be the best of neighbors, despite our attempts to keep her at arms length. The husband (who is a nice guy) has a vehicle. Said vehicle has an alarm on it. This alarm goes off regularly, usually at 2am in the morning. Yesterday, it went off mid-afternoon. And kept going... and going... and going.

Miome decided to go over and let them know "Hey, you're vehicle alarm is going off." First, because she thought maybe they didn't realize it was their alarm. And second, because she was hoping to shame them into not just letting it go off for 15 minutes at a time.

Well, neighbor lady decided to come knock on our door today and caught me (Miome was in the bathroom). She went on this long tangent about how she knew it was neighbor kid who tried to break into her husband's vehicle the day before and to thank us for telling so that she could go to the police. In fact, it was neighbor kid that tried to break into our cars a few years ago (an incident we never could confirm actually happened).

Couple issues with this:

- Neighbor kid hasn't lived here in years. He use to hang out with his group of friends in their yard and cruise up/down the street. No more. I'm not sure I could pick him out if my life depended on it. I do now know that neighbor lady was always annoyed by the teenagers because she mentioned about five times how they were always getting into trouble.

- We didn't see anyone around the vehicle. In fact, Miome looked out the window before she went over and confirmed that it was just going off with no one around.

- Miome never said anything about anyone touching the vehicle to neighbor lady. I asked and she was baffled where this came from.

Yeah. She also went off about how this is why neighbors should look out for each other. Over. And over. So, it looks like we're back to being on speaking terms with neighbor lady.

I'm thrilled. Really. -_-

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Going to the conference today reminded me that I really, really suck at small talk.

Except for the lady who sat next to me at lunch. We got in a great discussion about bird banding, using outdated software to handle millions of records, and how we both feel like you half-way need to be a programmer to do thing in GIS these days. She was awesome.

I would have stayed longer, but I seem to have developed a migraine. Yeah. On the bright side, I came home just in time to miss the worst of the snow.

We'll see how long I can stand the light coming off the monitor before my headache gets too bad for even that.

Snow, snow, snow.

We had a good 5-6 inches fall over night, and will probably get another 2-3 inches today. Of course, as required by my city regulations, I had to go shovel the sidewalk in front of my house. I also gave the stink eye to everyone who walked on it before I shoveled it. Why? Because when they walk on it, it compresses the snow into the sidewalk, and it's twice as hard to get off. The snow hasn't even stopped falling! Stop walking on it!

Which is totally unreasonable, I know, but I just spent 30 minutes chipping compressed snow off the sidewalks with a shovel. I'm allowed to be annoyed.

We also had to cancel some reservations we had for afternoon tea, because there's no way we're getting downtown today. I am annoyed. Currently, they are predicting another snow storm to come through next weekend as well. Double annoyed. Maybe later this month we can go?

Finally, I have written 20,000 words of the absolute worst story I have ever written. It's terrible. I'm loving writing it. No editing. No worrying about consistency. No research. Just me writing and writing. I'm trying out a couple of new techniques to see if they work from me (including a new word count tracker, a new method of planning stories, and some new writing styles). All of which require me to have a larger work to really stress test. So I decided to write a half-assed romance novel based in a fantasy world. I might have crap at the end, but I'll have had fun writing it.


Me: (while doing yoga) Why do I do this to myself? Why? This is terrible. Bodies should not bend this way.
Me: (after yoga) Oh thank god, my back is no longer a mess of knotted pain and tightness.

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Things I want/need to do today:

  • Take out trash

  • Change air filter on furnace

  • Do two hours of editing

  • Write 800 words on ridiculous project

  • Work on fanfic - Wound up working on another fic, but at least it's writing

  • Apply flea medication to cats