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One step forward, two steps back

So the publisher that I put my story out through, LessthanThreePress, is shutting down. They were a really nice publisher with good terms that cared about their authors. I'm sad to see it go. All the rights to my story returned to me and I'll get the last royalty payment in September. Now I'm faced with a choice: do I put my story up on Amazon as self-published? It's got the benefit of several rounds of editing with an editor. But... I'd probably have to format it and design a new cover. I am waffling.

Work on myUndertale fanfic continues. I am taking a break between arcs. Only I realized I'm going on vacation right in the middle of the next arc. Oops? I am definitely not posting while on vacation. Given how things usually go, I doubt I'll even be writing.

Which reminds me, I need to back-up my laptop at some point. It's begun to do a worrying thing where it randomly restarts while in sleep mode. Right now it happens about once a weekish, but it makes me worry. I hate looking for new laptops. Mostly because what I consider the most important features (such as keyboard placement that doesn't cause wrist strain or dig into my arms while typing in bed), are not what manufacturers consider the most important features. I've not had good luck ordering laptops via the web, but at the same time, I never can find a laptop with the computing power I want in stores. Ugh.

Fandom changes

Fun fact: Archive of Our Own keeps a record of your entire reading history. I decided that I would go all the way back to the first thing I read in my history (I read things before I made an account so those are lost to time) to kudos fics I didn't kudos, bookmark those fics that I didn't realize at the time would stay with me, and see if any authors I read multiple fics from had written more things I wanted to read.

It's been... interesting. I made my account during my hardcore Teen Wolf phase. Like seriously, the first 10 pages were SOLID Teen Wolf fanfic. Thank goodness a random Avengers fic finally broke that streak. I love me some Teen Wolf but damn past self.

Going through the Teen Wolf authors I read, I noticed two things:

1) A lot of them stopped writing after Teen Wolf. Some of them only wrote Teen Wolf, but a lot of them wrote stuff before that and just... stopped. Was Teen Wolf a fanfic author destroyer or what? I feel sad because some of these people were good authors and I would have loved to read more by them.

2) After Teen Wolf, a large number of authors then started writing Hockey RPF. Like a SCARY number of them. I... don't see the connection there? Like what led people to get interested in Teen Wolf only to jump to Hockey RPF? Whatever it was, it happened to a lot of authors. I did wonder if maybe they wound up in the Check, Please! and then wound up writing Hockey RPF (which is another trajectory I see in fic authors), but I would expect to see MORE Check, Please! fic if that was the case.

It's just... been really interesting to go back through and see what people are doing now. I'm going to continue going through my history. I imagine I'll have some more interesting observations while I do.

Baculums for all!

Wolf Bone

Someone else knows that wolves have a penis bone. Not only that, someone else wrote a fic featuring it.


Why does my brain do this to me?

One of my guilt pleasures is Ghost Hunters. I know some of it is wishful thinking on the ghost hunters part (seriously, a bunch of their "voices" sounds like creaks from an old house or something like a squirrels in the attic), but I wouldn't go so far as saying it was faked. It could be, but that's not why I watch. I watch it to see a bunch of people who are totally cool and calm dealing with creepy, paranormal stuff lose their shit when a bug lands on them. Or watch them play pranks on each other. Or start talking about the most hilariously random crap while wandering around. Or watch them prove that some of the paranormal stuff is actually pipes, wind blowing a door, lights from outside, etc.

I am currently glutting on Teen Wolf fanfiction. Which is a dangerous thing, be

I am so tempted to write werewolf ghost detectives with the Teen Wolf cast. Lydia is the skeptic always proving stuff isn't ghosts except when she can't. Then she gets pissed. Derek is the leader with a tragic past, and the reason people tune into the show because he is hot in leather jacket and tight jeans that he wears to investigate. Allison totally believes because she's seen them and drags Scott, who is spastic comic relief, along with her. Issac, Erica, and Boyd are all investigators who regularly go on various investigations depending on what is needed. Jackson is one of the tech guys who Lydia orders convinces on investigating once in a while. Stiles is one of the other tech guys who use to sit in the van all the time watching the camera feeds until the fans started demanding that he be more active in investigations (because they loved is random wacky comments and the UST between him an Derek).

Everyone knows about werewolves. In fact, half the audience turns in just to see if any of the investigators will get scared enough to wolf out. Scott does this on a scarily frequent basis as does Issac and occasionally Boyd and Erica. There is much debate on what, if anything, would make Derek wolf out (and some debate about if he did one time). Werewolves are normal but ghosts are a different thing entirely. LOL.

On one hand, I kind of want to write this. On the other hand, I'm not sure anyone would read something quite this self-indulgent. It would be hilarious

Also, my paid account expired and now I need to decide if I want to stay with LJ or move over to Dreamwidth. I'm thinking of paying on a month to month basis until LJ either implements their terrible continuous friend's page idea (the one thing I absolutely loathe about Tumblr) or drops it entirely. Sigh.

Summary: I didn't get it

I am reading The Sentinel fanfiction, which I don't think I can recommend as a whole since most authors seem to think that if the main characters have sex, puppies and rainbows follow them ever afterwards and all of life's problems are fixed. I feel like most stories are almost the exact opposite of the romance novel trope where if the two characters would have a five minute conversation then the entire reason for the book would be solved. In The Sentinel fic, since the two characters know each other's every feeling, all their problems are solved. Sorry, life doesn't work that way.

I was telling miome that despite this, and the fact that I've only ever seen half an episode of the series, I keep reading. Mostly because I keep wondering how much of what I'm seeing repeatedly in fanfics was actually based on the show and how much is fanon. Of course, Miome asked me what I remembered about the half episode I'd seen. Below is my summary.

"There was a curly haired guy and a macho man. They were in South America. I think curly haired guy had been kidnapped? Anyway I remember a village and that macho man kicked ass. Then there was a black panther. I didn't get that part."

Miome tells me I pretty much summed up the series there. :D

Also, the AC for our apartment is still not fixed. This is getting ridiculous. We've called the apartment complex several times and nothing. Not pleased.

Sunday, sunday

House passed inspection with minimal issues. Glee! I've already decided I'm going to get a desk and to put in the living room. This will allow me to do things such as type from my notebooks without the cats jumping up and knocking them down. More writing is always good.

I wrote a fragment of a scene yesterday. Will need to flesh that out.

I have also read more X-men First Class fic that is probably healthy. I really, really need to actually watch that movie.