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Summary: Writing is so damn random

I was trying to concisely lay out the plot for this story in paragraph form so I could get a reasonable outline written. I’m experimenting with something new to see if it will help me finish more things instead of existing in WIP hell. I get to the end and have this:

When Arnule, the cook’s youngest and homeliest son, breaks the ring of the head priest, he is forced to compete in the King’s Quest - a tournament to determine if the royal line is still worthy of the throne - to make amends. Only fools, glory hounds, or overly ambitious nobles compete in the King’s Quest. To make matters worse, someone has rigged the quest and the competitors are dropping out or dying at an alarming rate. Soon Arnule is pairing up Bertrand - another competitor - in a desperate attempt to stay alive till the end. Arnule knows he can’t completely trust Bertrand when it’s obvious the other man is determined to win and doesn’t mind keeping secrets to do so. But is that enough to keep himself from falling in love with him?


*sobs at the randomness that is the life of a writer*

Win! And then FAIL!

I just completed two scenes in a Teen Wolf fanfic. I have been trying to get a scene to anything completed for months, and I finally did it.

And if I posted them, no one would understand because they are the middle scenes of an AU.

I obviously did not think this through before I started writing. -_-

Why does my brain do this to me?

One of my guilt pleasures is Ghost Hunters. I know some of it is wishful thinking on the ghost hunters part (seriously, a bunch of their "voices" sounds like creaks from an old house or something like a squirrels in the attic), but I wouldn't go so far as saying it was faked. It could be, but that's not why I watch. I watch it to see a bunch of people who are totally cool and calm dealing with creepy, paranormal stuff lose their shit when a bug lands on them. Or watch them play pranks on each other. Or start talking about the most hilariously random crap while wandering around. Or watch them prove that some of the paranormal stuff is actually pipes, wind blowing a door, lights from outside, etc.

I am currently glutting on Teen Wolf fanfiction. Which is a dangerous thing, be

I am so tempted to write werewolf ghost detectives with the Teen Wolf cast. Lydia is the skeptic always proving stuff isn't ghosts except when she can't. Then she gets pissed. Derek is the leader with a tragic past, and the reason people tune into the show because he is hot in leather jacket and tight jeans that he wears to investigate. Allison totally believes because she's seen them and drags Scott, who is spastic comic relief, along with her. Issac, Erica, and Boyd are all investigators who regularly go on various investigations depending on what is needed. Jackson is one of the tech guys who Lydia orders convinces on investigating once in a while. Stiles is one of the other tech guys who use to sit in the van all the time watching the camera feeds until the fans started demanding that he be more active in investigations (because they loved is random wacky comments and the UST between him an Derek).

Everyone knows about werewolves. In fact, half the audience turns in just to see if any of the investigators will get scared enough to wolf out. Scott does this on a scarily frequent basis as does Issac and occasionally Boyd and Erica. There is much debate on what, if anything, would make Derek wolf out (and some debate about if he did one time). Werewolves are normal but ghosts are a different thing entirely. LOL.

On one hand, I kind of want to write this. On the other hand, I'm not sure anyone would read something quite this self-indulgent. It would be hilarious

Also, my paid account expired and now I need to decide if I want to stay with LJ or move over to Dreamwidth. I'm thinking of paying on a month to month basis until LJ either implements their terrible continuous friend's page idea (the one thing I absolutely loathe about Tumblr) or drops it entirely. Sigh.

It was an ignoble death

Made pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing this afternoon. They are finishing cooling in the fridge. Then we shall see how tasty they are. I wound up altering the cream cheese icing recipe quite a bit. It called for 3oz of cream cheese for two cups of powdered sugar, 1 tsp of vanilla, and 1/3 cup butter. WTF? I'm sorry but cream cheese icing should still taste like cream cheese, not regular vanilla icing. So I put the whole 8oz I had in there.

Best decision ever. This was just how cream cheese icing should taste: sweet, but with a nice creamy-sour bite from the cream cheese. I note the change in my cookbook so I can use it on carrot cake or spice cake next time we make those.

The story I was writing for Halloween has died. I swear, it was going great and then it just stopped. There's a plot hole I can't figure out how to fix. This happens quiet a lot in my writing, especially when I don't plan out the plot ahead of time. Which is what I did (or didn't, as the case may be) do this time. I just started writing to see where it went. Where it went was straight towards a plot hole. I left in alone for a week hoping that inspiration would strike again. No such luck. Starting Monday I'm going to continue to slog through it, just get words down and not worry about the problems. I can always go back and fix them on rewrite.

Which is my way of saying, I'm not sure the Halloween story will be done by Halloween. Oh well. It wasn't quite as Halloween-y as I was hoping for anyway. It can be just an October story.

I should totally due a story for each month at some point. I would be cool to incorporate stuff from each month into a story. Maybe give myself a word count limit, like 10,000 words, and just work on it for the first 10 or last 10 days of the month. I know from experience that I can easily do 1,000 words a night. Especially if I sit down before hand a list out 10-15 things associated with each month that I should include and do a rough outline of the plot.

That might be my New Year's resolution next year. A story a month.

Cranky writer is cranky

There is no where comfortable for me to write. I want to write. I've wanted to write for about a month, and I can't. Why? Because there's no where set up for me to write.

I can't write on my netbook. Well, I can, but it's too small. I can't edit worth anything on it. I can't have two windows open and on the screen at the same time. And it jiggles when I type. When I get it to stop jiggling, it unbalances. Not comfortable.

I can't write on the computer hooked up to my TV screen, because it's too big. It's a resolution issue. In order to see the text from the sofa I have to turn up the font size really large. Doing so then makes Google Docs unusable (seriously, the part you type in winds up being like 4 lines big). Word is not on this computer because I need to get Vista the hell off of it before I install Word. None of my writing is on it for the same reason. So it's basically useless for writing.

I could write on LJ (it's actually comfortable to write on LJ on the big computer) but there are problems with that. I can't edit like I want to on LJ. If I start a scene and then need to stop to go shopping/eat dinner/keep the cats from destroying the curtains, I have to post or run the risk of losing my post. Hell, just hitting the Delete or Backspace button runs the risk of losing my post. Can't work with that.

I even broke down and started bringing a notebook with me to work so I could write some of the Metro. Then the notebook got a bit damp and I freaked out because I've got stuff I haven't transcribed in it and I would not be happy if I lost it. Of course, part of the issue is I can't transcribe because I HAVE NO GOOD SET UP FOR IT.

I want to write and I can't write and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY.


Damn you, plot bunnies. Damn you.

Browsing through Google Books, I stumbled across a pyschology book for the Armed Services from 1945 which contains a chapter on homosexuality. Fair warning: because of the time period this book was written, it does not have the most enlightened view on homosexuality or even sexuality in general.

I just need to keep repeating the following: I will not write Captain America fic inspired by this chapter. I will not write Captain America fic inspired by this chapter. I will not write Captain America fic inspired by this chapter.I will not...

Bonus: I love the fact that this book has a chapter titled "The Fighting Man's Sexual Problem." If I were to write a story about Captain America based on this book, which I am not I swear, I would totally title it that.

Plot idea is eating my BRAINZ!

I have this story idea where a Prince (third or fourth in line to the throne) meets and falls in love with a fairly minor court musician because his wife thinks he is not getting laid enough and as his wife, she would know how often he gets any.

There is so much more to this plot, but that is the absolute basics. It is eating my braaaaaain and I have NO TIME TO WRITE. ;_;