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I worked about 2hrs longer at my contracting job than I wanted to because some people couldn't get me the inventory I asked for four weeks ago. I wound up having to cross check four different sources, none of which agreed. That meant I had to catalog the differences and send them over so someone could tell me which items are supposed to be on the list and which aren't. That took all the hours I had planned on working today plus an extra two hours.

My only consolation is that I got to charge these suckers per hour. You make me do more work, you're going to have to pay for it.

Dept. of Transportation Decisions at their Finest

Why yes, 4:49pm on a Thursday is the perfect time to start cutting a large chunk of asphalt out from the middle of my street. I am absolutely sure you will be done cutting and repairing that piece of pavement by 5:00pm when you decide your workday is over and go home. You certainly won't leave a big hole surrounded by orange traffic cones to be dealt with tomorrow. Or possibly Monday. Not at all.

Snow, snow, snow.

We had a good 5-6 inches fall over night, and will probably get another 2-3 inches today. Of course, as required by my city regulations, I had to go shovel the sidewalk in front of my house. I also gave the stink eye to everyone who walked on it before I shoveled it. Why? Because when they walk on it, it compresses the snow into the sidewalk, and it's twice as hard to get off. The snow hasn't even stopped falling! Stop walking on it!

Which is totally unreasonable, I know, but I just spent 30 minutes chipping compressed snow off the sidewalks with a shovel. I'm allowed to be annoyed.

We also had to cancel some reservations we had for afternoon tea, because there's no way we're getting downtown today. I am annoyed. Currently, they are predicting another snow storm to come through next weekend as well. Double annoyed. Maybe later this month we can go?

Finally, I have written 20,000 words of the absolute worst story I have ever written. It's terrible. I'm loving writing it. No editing. No worrying about consistency. No research. Just me writing and writing. I'm trying out a couple of new techniques to see if they work from me (including a new word count tracker, a new method of planning stories, and some new writing styles). All of which require me to have a larger work to really stress test. So I decided to write a half-assed romance novel based in a fantasy world. I might have crap at the end, but I'll have had fun writing it.


I am eyeball deep in the second round of edits for my story. The good news is, I don't have to re-write the entire first part again. The bad news is, I still have to do some rewriting. Nothing too bad so far but I'm only about 1/4 of the way through. Thank goodness I had some time off so I don't have to try and cram edits in around my normal work hours.

The thing is, as much as I find some of these edits annoying, it really, really does make for a better story. Even if I don't agree with them. I at least am now aware that someone picked up on something in certain places and it allows me to fill in the gaps even if I do it in other places.

I'd prefer doing all my own editing with no commentary, but I know that that doesn't work. One, because I am even slower at editing than I am at writing. Two, because a lot of times I cannot get out of the story enough to see the weak spots. Still, this will never be my favorite pastime.

Teen Wolf and kitty update

I have finally finished watching season 2 of Teen Wolf. My opinion is this: fire all the writers and the camera crew, but keep all the actors. Because those actors have managed to find the best in what is essentially a really shittily written show. I swear, you can drive a transfer truck through the plot holes in it (although they do get better as the second season went on). The writers distract the audience from this by making one of the characters take off their shirts for 5-10 minutes each episode. Plot may or may not happen for those 5-10 minutes. Not that I'm complaining, but it doesn't exactly speak well of your writing ability when "SHOW SOMEONE SHIRTLESS" is the way you deal with all plot holes. The atrocious camera work is not helping it out. I should not be noticing how the shot is being filmed every other scene. Gah.

I have not watched season 1. I'm not sure I want to, since I've heard season 2 is an improvement. That quite frankly frightens me.

Kira has been in the hospital since Friday. She has stabilized and may come home tomorrow for what I hope is 6-12 months (or more) of sunbeams, pettings, and her brush. Thank you for all the good thoughts and well wishes. They were appreciated.

I am beginning to see her point

shoiryu told me long ago that one of the romance novels she read went something like this:

"The entire book the author kept talking about the heroines weight. 'She wasn't skinny like some of those other girls. She had curves like a real women.' Every time it gets mentioned , I mentally add 15lbs to the author's weight."

I now know exactly what she meant. I swear, this romance novel I'm reading mentions this heroine's weight/curves every other damn page.

One of my pet peeves

Dear Google,

You know what bothers me more than anything? When I am given the semblance of a "choice" that is no choice at all. For example, do not given me the "option" of updating all my Google docs to the new format and then tell me in a few months, you are going to update them anyway. That is neither an option nor a choice. Why not just do it. That way I can spend my time fixing all the formatting you are fucking up instead of previewing how you will fuck up my formatting, but knowing I won't really be able to stop you from doing so.

No love,

Not that I'm really working on anything people will want to read. Just this fantasy novel set in a world loosely based on Victorian England, and oh so proper letters and etiquette. At least this story isn't like the other one set in this world, which is in a wordy, frou frou writing style that takes me forever to get into. But it's ridiculous and fun and the story is evolving into something interesting. Not that there is anyone on the internet I hate enough to inflict it upon. :D

First world annoyance

Dear survey designers,

If you're going to only list the states abbreviations (CA, NC, IN, etc.) by all that's holy, put them in alphabetical order by the abbreviations and not by their full names. You have no idea how much it irritates me to see appearing ME before MD or VT before VA. Besides which, it makes you look like you don't know the order of the alphabet and makes it twice as hard for people to find what they are looking for.

No love,

EDIT: I am agog that half the style guides I'm seeing recommend alphabetizing abbreviations by the abbreviation itself and half by the word spelled out. How does that even make any sort of sense? My favorite is one where they tell you alphabetize based on the word itself unless it's a widely accepted abbreviation. Who gets to make that call?

My brain hurts.

Summary: I didn't get it

I am reading The Sentinel fanfiction, which I don't think I can recommend as a whole since most authors seem to think that if the main characters have sex, puppies and rainbows follow them ever afterwards and all of life's problems are fixed. I feel like most stories are almost the exact opposite of the romance novel trope where if the two characters would have a five minute conversation then the entire reason for the book would be solved. In The Sentinel fic, since the two characters know each other's every feeling, all their problems are solved. Sorry, life doesn't work that way.

I was telling miome that despite this, and the fact that I've only ever seen half an episode of the series, I keep reading. Mostly because I keep wondering how much of what I'm seeing repeatedly in fanfics was actually based on the show and how much is fanon. Of course, Miome asked me what I remembered about the half episode I'd seen. Below is my summary.

"There was a curly haired guy and a macho man. They were in South America. I think curly haired guy had been kidnapped? Anyway I remember a village and that macho man kicked ass. Then there was a black panther. I didn't get that part."

Miome tells me I pretty much summed up the series there. :D

Also, the AC for our apartment is still not fixed. This is getting ridiculous. We've called the apartment complex several times and nothing. Not pleased.