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On vacation

Adorable kids I have seen this trip so far:

  • The little boy who upon seeing the koi in the pond yelled “FISH!” and ran up to the edge. The koi, upon seeing the kid, though they were going to get fed and swam quickly up to him. The boy then decided the fish were too scary, ran behind his dad’s legs, and yelled “TOO BIG! BIG FISH!” Dad tried to coax him to the pond. Kid was having none of it. To be fair, some of those koi were longer than my arm so I don’t really blame him.

  • The little Japanese boy on the beach with a pink intertube who convinced his mom to take him into deeper water where the waves were. When he was there he started singing what I assume was a Pokemon theme (it was the only word I recognized) in Japanese. Every time mom tried to go into shallower water he’d stop singing, ask her to go deeper, and then start right back on the Pokemon theme.

  • The little girl who couldn’t have been more than five gently herding the pigeons out of the hotel lobby while her mom held the automatic door open for them. Every time one would go out she’d tell it “Good bird.” Before going to herd the next one out. These birds frequently go in and out when people do, but I don’t think the little girl realized that. She was determined to save them.