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What the Coelacanth Scribbles

in the dark and watery deep

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26 April 1901
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Okay, time to actually have a bio here instead of a place holder.

I write. A lot. I write both fanfiction and original stuff. Most of it is yaoi, with occasional yuri and *gasp* het thrown in. I am an equal opportunity pervert. That being said, I'm also a slow writer. I prefer to work on many thing at once and tend to get side tracked easily. However, I will return to work on older pieces with a little inspiration and even less warning. I can be bribed with stories/drabbles or pictures to work on something or write for a fandom.

If you are interested is seeing stories as I write them, there is one available through the wonders of Google Docs. Keep in mind these are subject to change as I work on them. You'll see my notes and comments. Scenes, dialog, and sentences will change throughout the piece as I edit. When it's finished, I'll put it up on my website if that is your preferred cup o' tea.

Desert Bride

I also talk about my life. Some of it is just me bitching. Some of it is me attempting to amuse people. Some of it is me just feeling like talking at no one in particular just to avoid writing/work. The real life stuff outweighs the fandom stuff, but it's a narrow thing sometimes.

You don't have to ask to friend, just like you don't have to ask to defriend me. I don't mind either way. I also don't announce when I defriend people. I don't feel the need, just like I don't feel the need to friend everyone who friends me.

I have moved over to tsaiko.tumblr.com.

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