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It's a lot of rain

Chateau Tsaiko & Miome is surviving Sandy pretty well. The cats have loved the fact that I'm home from work due to illness and a lack of public transportation today. Looks like I can expect similar tomorrow. I am occasionally relishing in the ability to breathe through both nostrils, heavy emphasis on the occasionally.

Will update tomorrow, the power company willing.

You have a much looser definition of "traditional" than I do

This weekend, miome and I were thinking of going to a Oktoberfest celebration.

I'm not much for Oktoberfest, except for the food. I like German food. Unfortunately, this particular celebration seemed to think that German food = bratwurst and only bratwurst. I'm sorry, but I'm not paying a $20 entry fee (what they called the "Designated Driver" ticket) in addition to whatever they wanted to charge for the brats. Miome and I decided to go, but went to the area because there are several restaurants there. One thing we discovered was that people were getting a discount to Oktoberfest if they dressed in "traditional" German outfits. For women that meant looking like a beer maid.

The best one was a woman dressed with what I promptly called the Goth Hello Kitty beer maid outfit. Her skirt was pale pink with a Hello Kitty on it, black ruffles under the skirt, black stomacher/corset was black with pale pink trim, white shirt, white socks, black boots, and black lipstick.

Not what I would have thought of as traditional, but I kind of hope they gave her a discount anyway. :D

Surprise SOFA!

miome and I bought a new sofa and chair on Sunday. Our old sofa and chair weren't bad. They both still look decent and are only 5 years old. However, when you have a long, narrow living room painted a calm medium blue and overstuffed, extra wide olive green sofa... let's just say it was time for a change.

The furniture salesman gave us an estimate of 10-14 days for the new sofa and chair. Great! That will give us time to vacuum the chair and sofa and get rid of them (either through Goodwill or Craigslist).

Slight change of plans. Sofa and chair arrive tomorrow.


Why me?

I'm sitting at a restaurant with miome, eating a falafel when piece of diced tomato falls into my cleavage. Considering that I have quite a bit of cleavage, this is not that unusual. As I'm trying to figure out how to discreetly remove the tomato from my cleavage, our waiter comes ninja-ing out of nowhere. Miome had just put food in her mouth, so I was the one left having a conversation.

Waiter: How is everything?
Tsaiko: *trying to ignore the cold tomato sliding down her boob* It's good.
Waiter: Let me refill your water glasses.
Tsaiko: *tomato is continue heading south inside shirt*
Waiter: There. Do you need more napkins?
Tsaiko: *tomato is now sliding down her stomach* I think we have enough.
Waiter: Anything else I can do for you?
Tsaiko: *leave so I can take care of this problem* We're good.
Waiter: Okay. Let me know if there is anything else.
Tsaiko: We will.

As soon as the waiter was gone I pulled my shirt out and the tomato fell in my lap. Thank goodness for napkins.

I swear, waiter have the worse timing ever.

Been meaning to post this for awhile

Picture if you will a business woman - conservative dress suit in charcoal gray with a off-white camisole, sensible pumps, full make-up, hair in a neat bun - riding the train home with a bored look on her face. In her lap is a bag in bright pink with the outline of voluptuous lady in black. There are two strategically placed tassles on the lady's breasts and the phrase "SHAKE YOUR TASSLES" in bold, block letters.

I see the strangest things on the ride home sometimes.

The saga of Pudgy the Budgie continues

I have named the budgie at the bird feeder, Pudgy, for that is what she is. I'm pretty sure its a she, consider that the skin around her beak isn't blue. Plan A to capture Pudgy has failed, so we are currently on Plan B.

After last night's spotting, miome posted to the local mailing list asking if anyone had lost a budgie. She got two responses. One was from a lady who stated that she had had luck capturing escaped budgies before. The other was from a gentleman who said his son had left a yellow bungee cord in the yard. How he expected said bungee cord to have mysteriously migrated from his yard to our bird feeder, I don't quite know.

Tonight Pudgy returned. Miome called the lady from the list and she came over with her cage and her own budgie. Plan A was to leave her budge in a cage outside and see if he would call the other to him. Alas, Pudgy got scared off when we went to put the cage out. We all went inside and watched through the French doors hoping Pudgy would return. Th male did his best to sing to her, but she was having none of it.

Plan B involved the nice lady from the list going and getting an empty cage. So now we have a cage with bird seed in it on our back porch. I'm hoping Pudgy will capture herself. If not, I will have to invest in a butterfly net. Sigh. The things I do for animals.

No like

We had a microburst happen last night complete with violent winds, hail, and torrential downpours. Took out the power from around 8pm last night until around 4pm today. Nothing came down in our yard, but there are several trees and damaged buildings in the surrounding areas.

The worse we got was no AC in summer in the DC area = no sleeping.

It itches worse than you can imagine

Often when something happens in my life (a cold, train ride, visits to another country, etc.), I'm tempted to write down my impression of it to use later for stories.

This is not one of those times. I would not wish this on my worst enemy much less one of my characters. On the rare occasion I come across an author using this as a plot point, I'm going to think "Low blow, author. Low blow."

What event am I talking about?

Coming into contact with poison oak/ivy/sumac and not realizing it in time to wash it off.

I now have a line of raised blisters on my arm and a rash around them that itches worse than anything I have ever encountered. I have had to trim my fingernails back because when I wake up in the morning/middle of the night it's to discover myself scratching frantically at my arm in my sleep. I have every anti-itch remedy I can fine in this house, and it still doesn't completely stop the itch. The blisters are nasty looking and if they pop, they weep and crust over. It's disgusting, but more than anything, it's itchy.

I'm not even 100% sure what I came into contact with. The entire back slope is a mess of vines and weeds. I'm pretty sure it's not poison ivy: I can instantly recognize that. Poison sumac is more shrub like than most of what we have back there. My guess is poison oak, which would be hard to distinguish from all the oak saplings and trees.

And of course, I discovered that I didn't immediately break out so I could then go wash it off. Oh no. My skin started itching and blistering almost 10 hours after I came in contact when the urushiol had had time to be absorbed. Hence the nice blisters. From what I've read on-line, the rash can continue to erupt up to 7 days after it first appears. This started Thursday. ;_;

Then again, maybe I can use this. Only instead of poison ivy, maybe I can give my characters silver poisoning or something. Because I guarantee after this, I'm not even going to want to hear the word poison ivy/oak/sumac for a long, long time.