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Cirque du Soleil

Yesterday afternoon, miome and I went to see Cirque du Soleil perform Ovo. I bought the tickets for it on discount through a program with my company. When I say I had excellent tickets, I seriously mean it. We were like two rows from the stage. Of course, the tallest, largest man in the entire theater sat down right in front of Miome.

This was the second Cirque du Soleil performance I've been to. I saw Dralion when it came through Raleigh several years back. I liked the premise of Dralion better, but I liked the actual performance of Ovo better. Maybe because Ovo didn't have any actual dialogue I was supposed to understand, which meant it was easier for me to follow. I have a hard time following dialogue sometimes. This was done mostly in buzzes and chirps, with body language being used to tell the story. The actual sound quality was also better. There was no feedback and I didn't feel like my ears were being blasted out with the music. If Dralion comes through the DC area, I think I'd like to give it another shot. I bet it would be better in the smaller venue that is DC

I think my favorite thing was trying to guess what insects there were. Some were obvious, like the grasshoppers (which I was delighted to see did a trampoline act, because of course the grasshoppers do an act where they hop). I also got the ants, the spiders, and the flying beetles (the trapezes artists). I totally did not get the moths until the every end. Once I did, I felt kind of slow for not realizing sooner.

One of the things I liked was sitting so close to the stage, you got to see the performers faces. I didn't realize how expressive some of them could be. It was really interesting to see and I'm glad I got to. At the end, one of the beetles winked at someone in the audience. We think he either a) knew someone in the audience or b) was flirting with someone. :)

The families attending were my least favorite part of the show. The one in front of us had a kid that couldn't have been more than 3-4. He was terrified of the insects. His Dad took him out several times (which kudos to Dad), but every time one of the performers came too close, he'd scream. It was annoying. Another family kept jumping the seats before the show because they were sure that row B was the one in front of them and not the one the usher had directed them to. When the people whose seats those actually were showed up, they were kind of obnoxious about moving. Then the woman turned to me and demanded (not asked, mind you) "What row are you in?" Row A. "What's that row in front of you then?" I looked at her and said in a sharp voice. "I don't know." Then I turned my back on her. I'm sorry, but I'm not Information. The usher told you where your seats were. Sit in them.

Funny story: Concessions at the place were outrageous. $6 for a small popcorn outrageous. But Miome and I needed something to snack on until dinner and we needed drinks. So I got us a small popcorn and two waters (at least the waters came in nice, refillable, souvenir containers). While waiting for the doors to open, I dropped a piece of popcorn on the ground. "No! That was 5 cents worth of popcorn wasted." Miome cracked up and from then on, every time we dropped a piece of popcorn, we'd talk about how we just wasted another nickel.

All in all, I really enjoyed the show. Given the opportunity, will definitely buy tickets to that venue again. Now I'm kind of hoping another Cirque du Soleil show comes through so I can see that one as well.

Eaten by video game

My evenings have been eaten by this game for PS2 called "Shepherd's Crossing." It's basically a game where you raise cute animals, flowers, and crops. However, it leads to me yelling at the screen things like "Crap! My marmot!" and "Don't pick up the fence. Don't pick up the fence. Don't pick up the fence." and "NOOOO! NOT THE WHEAT!" All of which greatly amuses miome.

This weekend we did some scouting for places to buy a house. It will probably be next year since we have to renew our lease within the next couple of months and I don't quite have the amount saved up that I want to to contribute to the down payment. Since the weather was nice, we wanted to at least look at a few neighborhoods since neither one of us had a really good grasp of the area. And you know what? There are some scary, scary places in and around DC. I'm so glad we're going and looking before we even contact a real estate agent. o_O

Although if I had the money right now, I would totally get the townhouse that was on Reiker Dr, off of Picard Ln and just down the road from Crusher Ct and LaForge St. I would instantly get one million points to my geek score.


Yesterday, miome and I discovered an Imperial moth on our apartment door. The one we saw looked a lot like the one in the first photograph: about half brown and half yellow. And no, I don't care that the article insists it's yellow and purple. It was brown. Also, do not let the picture fool you. Those things are huge. The one we saw easily had a four inch wingspan. I wish I had my camera on me, because I would have loved to have snapped a picture, but I was on my way to work and didn't have time to go back inside to get it. By the time I got home, it was gone.

Today I read an article about an advocacy group trying to encourage the use of German over English or "Denglish" in Germany. I think my favorite part was this quote. "I'm not only trying to protect German, but English too... The English language is not just a pile of rubble from which we can pick and choose what we want." As a native English speaker my first reaction was "Why not? We do it all the time with other languages." :D

To do list: mostly done

Things I did during my 3-day weekend

- Did two loads of towels
- Dried basil, lavender, and rosemary
- Changed litter box
- Finished base coat of paint on lamp
- Made a big pot of mint tea to put in fridge
- Paid bills
- Watered plants
- Donated to my sister's church
- Wrote 1 YA fic, and 2 scenes from stories
- Played numerous games of Chainz 2

I feel productive. I do wish I'd gotten more writing done yesterday when I was in the mood to write, but I'm out of practice. Oh well. At least I got some done.

I will probably do stuff the week as well since it's supposed to be 100 degrees outside with air quality advisories. Yeah, staying indoors as much as possible. Since rappleart3 will be visiting next weekend, I should definitely do some cleaning just in case she comes to the apartment.

Food. Food. Food.

The walk home today was interesting. When one of my old coworkers joked about the "Federal Rain" in Northern Virginia (so named because it always happened around the time the Federal workers were leaving work), I didn't really think it exists. I was wrong. I swear, every day during the summer between 4-6:30, it rains. I was dodging thunderstorms for my entire walk. Not five minutes after I got home, it was pouring buckets. That's cutting it a little closer than I like.

When I got home I pan fried some pork chops we got on sale. I cooked them with fresh dill and thyme from the plants I'm growing on my balcony. OM NOM NOM NOM. I cannot wait until later in the summer when the chard, rosemary, and lavender are ready to be harvested. HEAVEN.

Finally, I am having something I have not had in about six months. A rum and coke. Granted there's about half the amount of rum most people would put into it, but that is exactly how I like it. Just enough rum to give it a little taste. And despite what miome might tell you, it is not so cheap it comes in a plastic bottle. It comes in a glass bottle. So there.

And fun was had by all

Oh man, miome and I are sunburned. I imagine lighthawk is too. There was lots of good times had and beautiful cherry blossoms were seen. We walked around the tidal basin and went to the Jefferson and FDR Memorials. Never did find the Japanese pagoda. My favorite overheard conversation was a woman asking why it was called a tidal basin and a guy responding with "Because it's a basin. With tides." Very enlightening there buddy!

Special thanks to sasami. He loaned LH his SmartTrip card during the trip, which meant we didn't need to stand in line for 30-45 minutes waiting for LH to get a ticket at the Metro station.