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Long train ride was looooong

Got stuck on a train right after one that broke down, so we sat in the station for 40+ minutes. And of course, I somehow managed to attract an ex-military, racist douchebag. This is the second time I've managed to attract one of those in a transportation situation where I couldn't easily get away (this guy got on the same train as I did). At least I only had to listen to him for a couple of stations. With the last one, I was stuck on a 4 hour flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Now I am safely ensconced on my couch at home watching my girlfriend play Skyrim. Life is good.


Imagine if you will the following scene:

There is a woman standing on the platform of the Metro station. Her hair is neatly styled and she is wearing a cream colored knitted shell covered by a black business jacket with matching knee-length skirt. The woman has neutral hose on and a pair of sensible black heels. She's got full make-up on, but in restrained, natural colors, and crisp red nails that obviously came from a salon. A small, black leather hand bag hangs from her shoulder. In one hand she is holding a smartphone, which she is texting on at a speedy pace. In her other hand, she is holding... a toilet plunger.

I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

Riding the Metro: Fandom edition

The last few weeks on the Metro were not as interesting as the first couple. It's turned colder so everyone is wearing the requisite black/brown/navy jackets. But I did want to mention a few things I saw including:

- A guy with a Megatokyo Ninj4 sweatshirt. Man, I haven't read that comic in years. What a blast from the past.
- Another guy wearing a giant dog tail and ears. So cute!
- Lady sat down beside me on the Metro. She had a three ring binder labeled "PWPs 2008-2011" and a folder labelled "WIPs 2011." I wanted to say something to her, but I was afraid that a) I'd find out she had no idea what I was babbling about and that PWP and WIP had some serious insurance/banking related meaning I didn't know about, or b) she'd be involved in some crazy fandom *cough*Twilight*cough* and I'd be stuck for the next 20 minutes listening to her debate the pros/cons of Team Edward versus Team Jacob.

Bits and pieces

I have got to start bringing a notebook on the Metro, if for no other reason than to write about the people I see on it. People I have noted on the train include:

- The little old lady wearing a pink dress, white cardigan, giant handbag, and a necklace made out of beads and giant carnivore (tiger?) teeth. It just seems like there's a story there.
- A lady whose hair was dyed a lovely shade of peach, with peachy-gold highlights.
- A blonde woman in her early 20's with a violet purple coat and pumpkin orange handbag talking on her phone while a African-American guy about her age with dread locks, baggy pants and a hoody kept stealing glances at her, before ducking his head and blushing.
- The gentleman who on Halloween was wearing a classically dark business suit with a giant jeweled spider pinned to his lapel.

What is it again?

On Saturday, I went to the grocery store by myself since miome wasn't up to it. I'm not fond of grocery shopping, but I'm also not fond of not having anything to eat. So off I went.

One of the things on the list was zucchini. I was in the produce section looking for it and couldn't locate any. Just as I was about to ask a store employee, I noticed a bin of yellow squash. Since zucchini is a type of squash, I figured it would be near by.

I was right. Sort of.

Beside it was a bin labeled "green squash." It was full of zucchini. Is this just a Virginia thing or what? I've never seen it called "green squash" before, though that's technically correct. I asked Miome when I got home, and she'd never heard it called that either. She also agreed that it was technically correct.

Not that it mattered much. The guy at the register rang it up as a cucumber. Which I guess I can understand, since they are both green, elongated, vaguely phallic fruits posing as vegetables.

Strange fact of the day: zucchini are swollen plant ovaries. The more you know, the more you wish you didn't.

Tsaiko and Miome Theater: George Washington Pooped Here

The scene is us attempting to get out of a shopping center parking lot which, like most of the shopping center parking lots where we live, seemed to have been designed by M.C. Esher and Satan's illegitimate love child.

Tsaiko: Try that exit over there.
Miome: Straight ahead?
Tsaiko: Yes. Right past that historical marker. *pause* Because you know, this parking lot is historical and shit.
Miome: This is the area for it. You pretty much can't move without hitting something historical.
Tsaiko: Kind of like Boston. That tree there? It's been involved in a lot of history.
Miome: This brick? Yeah, it's historical.
Tsaiko: This outhouse? George Washington took a dump there. There's a sign and everything.
Miome: Given what they fed the troops back then, taking a dump was a momentous occasion.
Tsaiko: *cracks up laughing*
Miome: *paraphrasing Terry Pratchett* Find the food a little binding? Don't worry. The terror of the battlefield will get those bowels moving.

Home again, home again.

Dropped miome off so she could attend the Stewart/Colbert OTP rally (and am still disappointed she wouldn't let me make a sign for her. "Lesbians for Stewart and Colbert kissing" is a perfectly reasonable sign.) I would go but a) it's cold, b) there will be thousands of people in a small area, and c) these things are not my thing. Ah well. At least she found people to go with at the last minute.

Now, what to do? I have a feeling I'm going to spend most of the day either a) writing or b) playing Minecraft.