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That's a typo!

From the BBC story about swimming deer. Emphasis is mine.

"All belong to the ancient ruminant family Tragulidae, which split some 50 years ago from other ruminants, the group that went on to evolve into cattle, goats, sheep, deer and antelope."

That's supposed to be 50 million years ago unless evolution decided to hit the gas and speed up while I wasn't looking. They'll probably fix it soon, but before they do, have a good laugh.

Edit: The BBC fixed the typo. Ah well. It lives on in infamy in my LJ.

So long, goodbye

Goodbye Geocities. You were kind of shitty and the bandwidth limits were obnoxious, but you were where I first hosted fic on the internet. Back before you were bought out by Yahoo! and turned into a pit of ads. Soon you will be gone. And I'd get anything I wanted off of you... but I don't remember my password at all and Yahoo! hoops for retrieving it are impossible.

It's been fun. Or something.

Hugs and kisses,