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What the contractors who last worked on my house were thinking:

- A nail embedded in the wall where someone hung a picture? Paint over it!
- A random staple in the wall? Paint over it!
- A dry wall anchor in the wall? Paint over it!
- A nail sticking an entire inch out of the wall? Paint over it!

Words cannot describe what I was thinking when I found each of these objects while trying to sand down all the bumps, paint drips, and lines running through these walls. -_-

Do NOT want

My AC is out for the third day in a row. It's not really hot here, but it's hot enough that it gets around 78 degrees inside. I do not sleep well when it's not cold in my apartment. 78 degrees is not cold enough.

I am so glad I am moving out of this apartment.

But why doesn't the universe work the way I want it to?

miome's flight has been delayed due to weather at the airport here. Which is odd considering it's not even raining here. I am annoyed.

Also, the guy outside my window singing "Can you feel the love tonight?" needs to shut the fuck up before I go out in my "My girlfriend likes YURI" T-shirt and tell him where he can shove that song right now.

I don't care

I wish Kate and William all the best in the world.

But I don't need a play by play, CNN, on what the hell is going on. "Happy Couple signs the wedding registry at Westminster Abbey as the choir plays." "Royal couple leaves Westminster Abbey hand in hand as Orchestra plays." "Royal couple leaves Westminster Abbey in carriage, waving to the crowd." Fuck, I don't even pay this much attention to weddings I'm actually attending.

I'm in America. Not Britain. There was a war fought that caused us to be two separate countries. Maybe you've heard of it? So why do you feel this event important enough to eat the front pages of every news organization website I visit? I mean, the BBC I understand. It's the BBC. Britain is happy. Their celebrations are to be expected. But the New York Times? USA Today? The Washington Post? Really? Is there nothing better going on?

Man, I'm glad those two are married. Then maybe I won't have to hear any more about them for awhile. May they live a long and happy life together, far away from the media.

It looks like pixel shimmer

Dear writer's on the web,

Please, for the love of all that's holy, do not set your font size to tiny when you are creating your journal/webpage. It makes it really, really difficult to read your story. Especially when I can't use any of my tricks to make it larger (?style=mine is my bestest friend ever).

The sad thing is, I don't even have problem with my eyesight. Your text is just too damn small. This is one of the downfalls of having a huge screen resolution.

No love,

This is why I hate planning

How the hell do you pick a wedding date? Summer? Fall? Winter? Spring? The only thing it really affects is what color the invitations are, because I'm not doing the traditional wedding thing. I honestly do not care as long as all the principle people are there. In this case, that would be miome and the Justice of the Peace, possibly family though even they aren't required. Mostly because I'd think my mom would give me the DISAPPOINTMENT FACE for the next ten years if I eloped. I have no experience with any of this sort of thing. I both want to plan and hate planning at the same time.

I'm almost tempted to line up some calendar pages on the wall, throw a dart, and pick whatever date it hits.

Do not want

It's always fun when you've had so little sleep that you start having dizzy spells during the day.

I might appreciate the extra hour of daylight in the evening in a month or so, but right now, I'd appreciate that extra hour of sleep in the morning more.

On my list of things that annoy me

I hate the Federal Student Aid's loan service for one very important reason. Their "electronic debit account" program. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea. set it up so that every month the FSA gets to withdraw money from your account and get a discount on the interest rate you have to pay. They get a guarantee that they'll get paid on time and you get to pay less interest. Everyone wins. So what is the issue?

The issue is that when you set it up, the only option is to make minimal payments. That's it. No other options. Which means that when you sign up, if that's all you do, it'll take you 10 years to pay off the loan and you'll have paid the maximum amount of interest possible and still meet the terms of your loan.

But wait! In the terms of the loan agreement, there is no penalty for paying off a loan early. Which leads me to the next frustration: trying to figure out how to give these people more money than I owe them. There's actually two different ways and both of them suck. First, I can remember to log in every month and send more money as a one-time payment. Yeah, that's not happening. Or you set up a recurring payment option with will deduct an additional amount from any account and apply it to the loan.

So why am I so annoyed?

Because these recurring payments can only last 6 months. That's right. After six months. And after that, you once again have to remember to log in and set up another recurring payment. Otherwise you default back to the minimum payment, maximum interest schedule.

It's so ridiculous. I mean, on one level, I understand. They want to get as much money from you as possible. On the other hand, this is terrible customer service. In order to give them the money I owe them, I have to set up two drafts from my bank accounts. Then I have to remember to go through this process again every six months. Why in the Hell can I not just increase the amount I pay them through their electronic debit account program?

The government. It makes no damn sense at all. -_-

Work sucks. I know.

Person: When you said that the data would not appear in any maps you produced, I didn't realize you meant that the data wouldn't appear in any of the maps you produced.
Tsaiko: Where exactly did you think it would appear?
Person: In the maps we got.
Tsaiko: Do you want it to appear in the maps you get?
Person: No, we don't want it to appear in any maps.
Tsaiko: Great. Then we're good to go.
Person: But the data doesn't appear in the maps we're going to get!
Tsaiko: ...

I swear I honestly expected the theme from The Twilight Zone to start playing.