Tsaiko (tsaiko) wrote,

I don't care

I wish Kate and William all the best in the world.

But I don't need a play by play, CNN, on what the hell is going on. "Happy Couple signs the wedding registry at Westminster Abbey as the choir plays." "Royal couple leaves Westminster Abbey hand in hand as Orchestra plays." "Royal couple leaves Westminster Abbey in carriage, waving to the crowd." Fuck, I don't even pay this much attention to weddings I'm actually attending.

I'm in America. Not Britain. There was a war fought that caused us to be two separate countries. Maybe you've heard of it? So why do you feel this event important enough to eat the front pages of every news organization website I visit? I mean, the BBC I understand. It's the BBC. Britain is happy. Their celebrations are to be expected. But the New York Times? USA Today? The Washington Post? Really? Is there nothing better going on?

Man, I'm glad those two are married. Then maybe I won't have to hear any more about them for awhile. May they live a long and happy life together, far away from the media.
Tags: bitching

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