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Tsaiko and Miome Theater: George Washington Pooped Here

The scene is us attempting to get out of a shopping center parking lot which, like most of the shopping center parking lots where we live, seemed to have been designed by M.C. Esher and Satan's illegitimate love child.

Tsaiko: Try that exit over there.
Miome: Straight ahead?
Tsaiko: Yes. Right past that historical marker. *pause* Because you know, this parking lot is historical and shit.
Miome: This is the area for it. You pretty much can't move without hitting something historical.
Tsaiko: Kind of like Boston. That tree there? It's been involved in a lot of history.
Miome: This brick? Yeah, it's historical.
Tsaiko: This outhouse? George Washington took a dump there. There's a sign and everything.
Miome: Given what they fed the troops back then, taking a dump was a momentous occasion.
Tsaiko: *cracks up laughing*
Miome: *paraphrasing Terry Pratchett* Find the food a little binding? Don't worry. The terror of the battlefield will get those bowels moving.
Tags: are you pondering what i'm pondering, lol, tsaiko and miome theater, washington_dc, weird sense of humor

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