May 24th, 2019



I decided that since there is a three day weekend, it would be the perfect time to harvest and dry some catnip for the cats. I might start another plant because this one got stressed over the winter and there's a lot of dead stems I can't get rid of. I got only two dehydrator trays full of cat nip. The cats were super helpful while I trimming the plant. Not.

I'm going to have to take out and replant the cat grass in one of the containers soon. It's beginning to turn yellow which is the sign it's past its prime. That might get done this weekend or it might wait till next. I found a really nice cat grass seed mix from Sprout People. I like it because it has a variety of grasses in it, so it stays green about 5 times longer than the grass you get from the pet store. And my cats love it. Seriously, they will give me sad looks when I take up the dead grass, reseed, and then hide the pot until the grass grows tall enough again.

At the community garden sale they had a pot of aloe for about $2. It didn't look... great. I grabbed it because I saw that the issue was that the main mother plant had created about 18-20 pups and the pot was just crowded. Last weekend I got two shallow dishes and separated out several of the smaller plants. Still too crowded in the main pot and now I have more aloe plants than I know what to do with. Oh well. Aloe is useful to have around and not just for sunburn. I'm sure I can find a use. Might even give away some of the plants as gifts. It definitely means I need to get a few more pots.

Anyone want some aloe by chance? :D