December 31st, 2012


Teen Wolf and kitty update

I have finally finished watching season 2 of Teen Wolf. My opinion is this: fire all the writers and the camera crew, but keep all the actors. Because those actors have managed to find the best in what is essentially a really shittily written show. I swear, you can drive a transfer truck through the plot holes in it (although they do get better as the second season went on). The writers distract the audience from this by making one of the characters take off their shirts for 5-10 minutes each episode. Plot may or may not happen for those 5-10 minutes. Not that I'm complaining, but it doesn't exactly speak well of your writing ability when "SHOW SOMEONE SHIRTLESS" is the way you deal with all plot holes. The atrocious camera work is not helping it out. I should not be noticing how the shot is being filmed every other scene. Gah.

I have not watched season 1. I'm not sure I want to, since I've heard season 2 is an improvement. That quite frankly frightens me.

Kira has been in the hospital since Friday. She has stabilized and may come home tomorrow for what I hope is 6-12 months (or more) of sunbeams, pettings, and her brush. Thank you for all the good thoughts and well wishes. They were appreciated.