June 28th, 2012


The saga of Pudgy the Budgie continues

I have named the budgie at the bird feeder, Pudgy, for that is what she is. I'm pretty sure its a she, consider that the skin around her beak isn't blue. Plan A to capture Pudgy has failed, so we are currently on Plan B.

After last night's spotting, miome posted to the local mailing list asking if anyone had lost a budgie. She got two responses. One was from a lady who stated that she had had luck capturing escaped budgies before. The other was from a gentleman who said his son had left a yellow bungee cord in the yard. How he expected said bungee cord to have mysteriously migrated from his yard to our bird feeder, I don't quite know.

Tonight Pudgy returned. Miome called the lady from the list and she came over with her cage and her own budgie. Plan A was to leave her budge in a cage outside and see if he would call the other to him. Alas, Pudgy got scared off when we went to put the cage out. We all went inside and watched through the French doors hoping Pudgy would return. Th male did his best to sing to her, but she was having none of it.

Plan B involved the nice lady from the list going and getting an empty cage. So now we have a cage with bird seed in it on our back porch. I'm hoping Pudgy will capture herself. If not, I will have to invest in a butterfly net. Sigh. The things I do for animals.