September 26th, 2011


Summary: I didn't get it

I am reading The Sentinel fanfiction, which I don't think I can recommend as a whole since most authors seem to think that if the main characters have sex, puppies and rainbows follow them ever afterwards and all of life's problems are fixed. I feel like most stories are almost the exact opposite of the romance novel trope where if the two characters would have a five minute conversation then the entire reason for the book would be solved. In The Sentinel fic, since the two characters know each other's every feeling, all their problems are solved. Sorry, life doesn't work that way.

I was telling miome that despite this, and the fact that I've only ever seen half an episode of the series, I keep reading. Mostly because I keep wondering how much of what I'm seeing repeatedly in fanfics was actually based on the show and how much is fanon. Of course, Miome asked me what I remembered about the half episode I'd seen. Below is my summary.

"There was a curly haired guy and a macho man. They were in South America. I think curly haired guy had been kidnapped? Anyway I remember a village and that macho man kicked ass. Then there was a black panther. I didn't get that part."

Miome tells me I pretty much summed up the series there. :D

Also, the AC for our apartment is still not fixed. This is getting ridiculous. We've called the apartment complex several times and nothing. Not pleased.