December 29th, 2010


What is my life?

Only I would get up feeling like death warmed over, go to use the electronic thermometer, and find that it has somehow set itself to degrees Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. I don't know how it reset itself. It's got only ONE BUTTON. I don't know how to set it back and the manual, such as it was, is long gone. Which means that I'm sitting here doing math before dawn to figure out if I'm running a fever.

The answer, but the way, is maybe. My temperature 99.7 (37.6 C), which is just short of actually being classified as a fever but warmer than why my normal temp. of 98.2. Not that I have any doubt I'm sick. The all over ache and bleck feeling was my first clue. It's just nice to have confirmation.

As always, my cats have decided that since I'm stationary and warm, I am here solely for their pettings and nap time.

In a nutshell

My entire day:

- Get up out of bed
- Stay upright for about two hours
- Get really sleepy/sick feeling
- Go back to bed for three hours
- Sleep
- Repeat

I didn't even bother changing into actual clothes: just took a shower and changed into clean pajamas during one of my awake spells. Luckily, with a nice dose of Pepto, I was able to keep everything I ate down. This included ginger ale, two piece of bread with dried cranberries in it, and a bowl of soup. Yum-yum.

I think I've been awake for about five of the last twelve hours. Sleeping tonight is going to be fun. Not.
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