November 28th, 2010


The world is ending

My mother is on the internet.

You guys just don't understand.

My mother is on the internet. I am trying to direct her to safe(r) sites like Facebook with such advice as "Only friend people you know" and "Do not click every link that shows up" as opposed to letting her computer get eaten by something she caught from a wild troll while she is roaming the internet at large. Unfortunately, this means I was showing her stuff using my laptop. She then took this as permission to ask me what I was doing or to look over my shoulder whenever I was on said laptop. So I had to stick to relatively safe sites, which did not include Livejournal. I also could not do stuff like write gay porn. Needless to say, I will not be making my Nov. goal for words.

So I'll just shift that to December and see how much I can get done for that month. Maybe I'll even finish something. Now that my mother has headed home, maybe I'll get something done today. Though more likely, I'll spend most of it on the internet ordering stuff on-line for Christmas.

At least when I get home tomorrow, I'll be able to write.