November 17th, 2010


There's a reason "weird sense of humor" is one of my tags

From the section of Dragon of Blood and Fire I was working on tonight:

Ilhuiti was dead.

Eztilinhuica didn't really care about anything else. Ilhuiti was dead. They had killed him. Again. He'd been powerless to stop it. Again. It was his worst nightmare brought back to life and replayed in front of his eyes.

He hated to world and everything in it. Let it burn until the very air tasted of ash. Let the blood run until it filled the oceans and turned them red. Then the bones of the Sun God's people crunch beneath his claw and their screams play like lullabies in his ears. Eztilinhuica would destroy them all.

Just as soon as the other dragon stopped kicking his ass.

Man, I know I've been working on this section too long when I am seriously considering leaving that last line in.

1072 words on this tonight, and because I forgot to mention it, 1196 words on Silver and Gold yesterday.