October 25th, 2010


Oh how I wish!

Today, in my inbox, I received a confirmation from Expedia for a trip from Ohio to Paris, France. Except 1) I didn't book a trip to Paris, France and 2) neither did any one else I know. Someone sent it to my email address instead of whomever it was supposed to go to. I suspect it's one of the four people listed as going on the trip, since all of them had my last name and two of them had a name beginning with the same letter as mine (the email address it was sent to is composed of my first initial, middle initial, and my last name). Since there was another email address attached, I sent the following email:

"To whom it may concern:

While I would love to go to Paris for a week, I don't think this was intended for me. Please recheck the email address you should send it to so that it gets to its intended recipient."