October 19th, 2010

silly love

Mmmm.... food.

On Sunday, I made carnitas. This was not a simple recipe. This was four hours of work, only two of which were cooking time. The other two were prepping, cutting, pulling, stirring, and coating. It's pretty intensive as far as recipes I'll attempt go, but at the end I had pork that tasted a little bit like heaven.

Tonight I made delicious Mexican rice from a new recipe. Man, this recipe is definitely a keeper. It tastes exactly like I want Mexican rice to taste, and was not trying to be something it's not. We had green beans and some more of the pork to go with it.

I'm beginning to believe miome when she tells me I'm turning into a better cook than she is. Now if only I can get her to admit I'm a better baker as well. :D