September 21st, 2010


Holy chocolate, Batman!

They make bags of Hershey's miniatures that are all made with dark chocolate?


In other news, tonight I made tuna melt sandwiches with Swiss cheese. I make them with Swiss cheese not because I don't like cheddar or American. It's because my stomach can't handle melted yellow cheeses for some odd reason. They were delicious. I am kind of scared that I have to give Paula Dean (Queen of All Things Should Include Butter) some credit for how good the tuna sandwiches were. On one of her shows, she mentioned that if you run out of butter, you can make grilled sandwiches using a thin layer of mayonnaise to brown the bread. I thought she was crazy. However, they do grill much more evenly and I prefer the taste of the mayonnaise on my tuna melt to the taste of butter. I also think they are less greasy, but I think that my be debated by some.

Now to finish my dinner and then eat some chocolate