September 14th, 2010


Tales from the sibling

My sister has a English bulldog named Winston. Winston likes to chew on the cardboard boxes that aluminum soft drink cans come in. He is allowed to do this. My sister was in the bedroom when Winston started barking. This is unusual. My sister came out of the bedroom to find a can of Cheerwine fizzing and spraying her kitchen. Cheerwine is a red soft drink that is usually found in the south eastern US. And now it was all over her floor, her cabinets, and Winston.

Seems that while chewing on the cardboard, Winston decided to chew a can. When he did, it fizzed and started spurting Cheerwine. Everywhere. When my sister got into the kitchen, her now pink bulldog hid behind her legs and barked at the can.

Yeah, that's some guard dog my sister has. XD