September 5th, 2010


TMI post

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Dear couple next door,

I'm really thrilled you have an active sex life and that you are comfortable enough to laugh with each other in bed. However, 2:30am is not a good time to have loud and - given that you tried and cracked up laughing four times, with only a minimum of headboard hitting the wall sounds - unfulfilling sex in a hotel. The only thing that kept me from banging on the wall was the fact that I saw a just married couple in the hotel lobby, and even I am not mean enough to ruin someone's honeymoon night. Just... 2:30am? Really? And if you simply must give into the urge, can you leave out the part where you yell "Oh baby!" exactly three times at the beginning? People are trying to sleep. And I am not a happy camper this morning.

No love,