August 12th, 2010


Tsaiko and Miome Theater: There is something wrong with us

Miome: What I never understood was why they just didn't give Legolas the ring.
Tsaiko: He was pretty badass.
Miome: Everyone else was going through the snow. Legolas? He was walking on top of it.
Tsaiko: Everyone else was beat up and bruised. Legolas? He had a smudge on his cheek.
Miome: Maybe they were afraid to give him the ring.
Tsaiko: Yeah. They were afraid he'd go crazy bitch on him. Like the other elf.
Miome: Not the words I was looking for, but yes.
Tsaiko: Of course if he did go crazy, then it wouldn't be a fantasy film. It'd be a survivor horror film.
Miome: LOL!
Tsaiko: Crazy Legolas going after the Fellowship. Killing them off one by one.
Miome: Oh god, you went there.
Tsaiko: *in crazy Legolas voice* The dwarf will be the last.
Miome: And remember, it's Legolas.
Tsaiko: So all of the Fellowship is trying to get away, fighting their way through the snow. And here comes Legolas. Strolling after them.
Miome: *crack up laughing*
Tsaiko: There is something wrong with us. :)