August 3rd, 2010


Eaten by video game

My evenings have been eaten by this game for PS2 called "Shepherd's Crossing." It's basically a game where you raise cute animals, flowers, and crops. However, it leads to me yelling at the screen things like "Crap! My marmot!" and "Don't pick up the fence. Don't pick up the fence. Don't pick up the fence." and "NOOOO! NOT THE WHEAT!" All of which greatly amuses miome.

This weekend we did some scouting for places to buy a house. It will probably be next year since we have to renew our lease within the next couple of months and I don't quite have the amount saved up that I want to to contribute to the down payment. Since the weather was nice, we wanted to at least look at a few neighborhoods since neither one of us had a really good grasp of the area. And you know what? There are some scary, scary places in and around DC. I'm so glad we're going and looking before we even contact a real estate agent. o_O

Although if I had the money right now, I would totally get the townhouse that was on Reiker Dr, off of Picard Ln and just down the road from Crusher Ct and LaForge St. I would instantly get one million points to my geek score.