July 16th, 2010


Things I have learned about my family tonight

1) My great-grandfather on my dad's father's side is from Detroit, Michigan. His grave is still there. Now I'm all curious and kind of want to go see it.
2) His wife was from Scotland. That's interesting.
3) They were married in... Canada?!? Why? Though given that it was right around WWI I suspect I know.
4) It is absurdly easy to trace your family when they are Mormon (dad's mother's side)
5) If the 1880 Census Records are to be believed, my great-great-great grandfather had two wives at the same time. Since this would be the Mormon side and it's about the right time period, I am not too surprised.
6) The only interesting people on my Mom's side of the family are my cousin(s) who were major league baseball players. Every one else was a farmer and they never left the county they were born in. On the plus side, that makes it easier to track them down in the Census records.
7) Except when the last name drops an R at some point. Then I lose the trail.
8) People on my mom's side also need to give more original names. I can track Francelle, but with a common last name and a first name of John, it's a bit more difficult.
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