July 14th, 2010

problems with technology

Why am I even being asked this?

Tsaiko: I need to check out a company Blackberry from this date to that date since I will be at a client site. I can pick it up on this day. Here is the project code.
IT Guy: Okay. I can have it ready by then. Do you want voice services on it?
Tsaiko: Er... can you elaborate? What exactly do you mean by voice services?
IT Guy: *like I'm an idiot* Do you want to be able to make call and receive calls?
Tsaiko: *what I thought* Seriously? You don't allow texting on it. I'm taking my laptop to the client site so I'll use that to check email and get on the internet. What, precisely, do you think I'm going to do with a phone that can't make or receive phone calls? Use it as $300 paperweight?
Tsaiko: Thank you. Yes, that is why I am checking it out.