July 5th, 2010


To do list: mostly done

Things I did during my 3-day weekend

- Did two loads of towels
- Dried basil, lavender, and rosemary
- Changed litter box
- Finished base coat of paint on lamp
- Made a big pot of mint tea to put in fridge
- Paid bills
- Watered plants
- Donated to my sister's church
- Wrote 1 YA fic, and 2 scenes from stories
- Played numerous games of Chainz 2

I feel productive. I do wish I'd gotten more writing done yesterday when I was in the mood to write, but I'm out of practice. Oh well. At least I got some done.

I will probably do stuff the week as well since it's supposed to be 100 degrees outside with air quality advisories. Yeah, staying indoors as much as possible. Since rappleart3 will be visiting next weekend, I should definitely do some cleaning just in case she comes to the apartment.