June 18th, 2010


Why am I having mpreg dreams?

What is up with my subconscious? Last night I had a dream that a third person was staying with miome and I. I think it was supposed to be someone on my friend's list, but I can't remember who. This woman had a book wrapped in shrink wrap so you couldn't see the picture on the cover. There were lots of joke about exactly what kind of book it was. Finally, I got tired of it lying around unread. I took off the shrink wrap to see a picture of two guys making out. Oh no! Surely something to save the masses from. There was something odd about the way one of the guy's looked, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Time to start reading.

I was about three pages in when I realize that it was a massive Young Avengers AU in that "Surely these are not Billy and Teddy for the serial numbers have been filed off" kind of way. This of course made me want to read it even more. So I did.

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