June 14th, 2010


Food. Food. Food.

The walk home today was interesting. When one of my old coworkers joked about the "Federal Rain" in Northern Virginia (so named because it always happened around the time the Federal workers were leaving work), I didn't really think it exists. I was wrong. I swear, every day during the summer between 4-6:30, it rains. I was dodging thunderstorms for my entire walk. Not five minutes after I got home, it was pouring buckets. That's cutting it a little closer than I like.

When I got home I pan fried some pork chops we got on sale. I cooked them with fresh dill and thyme from the plants I'm growing on my balcony. OM NOM NOM NOM. I cannot wait until later in the summer when the chard, rosemary, and lavender are ready to be harvested. HEAVEN.

Finally, I am having something I have not had in about six months. A rum and coke. Granted there's about half the amount of rum most people would put into it, but that is exactly how I like it. Just enough rum to give it a little taste. And despite what miome might tell you, it is not so cheap it comes in a plastic bottle. It comes in a glass bottle. So there.