June 3rd, 2010


Oh yes, my day has been great. How about yours?

You know you've had an interesting day when all of the following happens:

- Meetings eat up your morning when you have about 15 billion other things to do
- The client complains about the schedule for delivering product when they are the ones who put a hold on the project in the first place
- Lunch is late due to meetings
- The client calls to ask a totally illogical question
- You put together a bunch of data for a co-worker, but forget to make it actually usable for the process they want to use it for
- Client gives you heart failure and causes you to frantically look for meeting minutes for a meeting four months ago that never happened
- Coworker complains to you about an issue that needs to be worked out between them and your manager, but won't accept this as the correct answer and won't stop talking about it
- It starts pouring rain five minutes before you were going to walk home and your umbrella is MIA
- You manage to lock yourself out of not only every system you can get on, but also your computer in the last fifteen minutes of the day

Is is the weekend yet?