May 30th, 2010


Wicked was AWESOME

At gamoid's suggestion, miome and I went to the Museum of Sex. It was interesting. I liked the exhibit on Condoms and the one on Sex in Animals. After that, we went to eat at Carnegie Deli. Sandwiches as big as my head.

After that it was Wicked. It was awesome. Miome and I have a disagreement going on. Both of us agree that the acting in Wicked was phenomenal (much better than Lion King, were older Simba was kind of a whiny brat). However, I still think the visuals in Lion King were better and Miome liked those in Wicked better. We both agree that Lion King had better musical numbers. Of course, we have already started contemplating threesome.

After the show, we walked down to a Italian restaurant where the food was awesome, but damn if they did not bring out three different desserts before they got it right.

One more day in New York, then we'll be heading back to DC. This has been fun. I can't wait to see what we do tomorrow.