May 29th, 2010


Busy day is busy

Today we went out to The Cloisters because I have wanted for years to see the unicorn tapestries. I was not disappointed. Everything out there was awesome. I loved looking at all the medieval architecture and art. Although let me tell you, there was a couple of little kids that I can only describe as hellions that should not have been there. I am all for kids being exposed to art, but only when they are not running and screaming through the rooms while the parents try to pretend that it's not their hellspawn nearly taking out have the exhibits instead of actually parenting.

After The Cloisters, miome and I went to The Russian Tea Room and had high tea. That was awesome, though Miome insists that the Russian Tea Room in Chicago is better. I will have to see.

We are probably going to stay in tonight, though I might try and convince Miome to walk down to a Starbucks with me. Tomorrow is Wicked on Broadway and maybe Carnegie Deli. I don't know what we'll be doing on Monday, except hopping the train back home.