April 29th, 2010


Tsaiko and Miome Theater: Therapy Vampire

Background: Miome and I do a lot of world-building by bouncing ideas off of each other. Then I take these ideas and apply them to stories. In this case, we were discussing the background to the Young Avengers Therapy Vampire AU.

Tsaiko: The only thing Teddy doesn't like about being a therapy vampire is the hours. He has to get up before sunset.
Miome: I take it vampires don't turn to ash in the sun in this universe?
Tsaiko: No. But they are not day people. And of course, people who are in therapy for being traumatized by vampire bites are not going to want their therapy sessions in the middle of the night.
Miome: Makes sense.
Tsaiko: So Teddy have to get up early. For a vampire. This takes a lot of effort on his part.
Miome: What does he do? Drink caffeinated blood?
Tsaiko: Sure! Why not? I mean ThinkGeek makes caffeinated everything else.
Miome: True. I wonder if it comes in little cans like energy drinks?
Tsaiko: *sly* Of course. They call it 'Red Bat.'
Miome: *groans*
Tsaiko: It gives you wings!
Miome: I hate you.
Tsaiko: You love me. :D