April 25th, 2010



Yesterday, miome and I went to the farmer's market in the Old Town section of Alexandria, VA. That is an awesome farmer's market. We got to talking to one guy who makes southern country ham: which is salted and cured. I bought two pieces from him and this morning baked biscuits and cooked one of the ham pieces. Man, this is a flavor from my childhood. I'm definitely going to make the ham for dinner this week (along with some zucchini and fingerling potatoes I also bought from the farmer's market), though I think I'll add some water to the cooking to clean out a little of the salt. It's perfect with biscuits, but a bit much on its own.

I also managed to pick up a bag of beef soup bones. You have no idea how hard it is to find soup bones when you shop at grocery stores. No one carries them. They were $3 for a pound, which is pricey, but I acted so excited to actually see some (and I think the guy was so excited to have someone who wanted them), that he gave me 4lbs for $5. I also found out that the guy does pork bones and ham hocks. This means I will be able to make traditional black-eyed peas for New Year's. This was impossible in Indiana because when I went to find pork bones or ham hocks at the butchers, they just looked at me like I'd grown a second head. Sigh.

Today I am going to make beef stock with the soup bones. Which is good, because I can make it with lower sodium (laugh here considering I had salted ham for breakfast) and flavor it however I want. I'll probably start just before lunch. I can put the bones, onions, and carrots in to roast right before I go take a shower and then start the actual stock after lunch.
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