April 8th, 2010



Both miome and I have been disappointed in the weather lately. Yes, it's been nice and sunny and warm. The problem has been it's been too warm and too soon after winter. We're talking 90F (32.2C) in early April. Where's spring? I want spring dammit! Miome and I have both commented on the fact that this is just like being in NC, only with slightly less pine pollen. I say slightly because while the car does have a film of yellow, it's not so thick that bees are pollinating it.

Luckily, this seems to be unseasonal for N. Virginia. It's supposed to rain today/tomorrow and drop back down into the 60/70 range. Which is great... except for the fact that I fly out to Colorado on Sunday and won't get to enjoy it.

Ah well. At least I get to take a side trip in Colorado and see fossil beds. XD
no thinking

Where do you live?

My coworkers and I were discussing this the other day. People ask where I live and I say Alexandria, VA. "Oh? Where's that?" It's near Washington, DC. "You live in Washington, DC!" Er... no.

This happens to a lot of people. I know everyone in the state of New York gets this. You say you live in New York and people assume that you live in New York City. Nevermind that there is a whole state with that name too. If you live in Massachusetts, you must be near Boston. Nevada means you're just a few minutes from Las Vegas. It just seems that most people assume that if you are "near" a major city you must live there. I could say I live in a suburb of DC, but I have a feeling that would just get me odd looks. I don't think people outside Virginia or Maryland realize DC actually has suburbs.

After complaining about this phenomenon, one of my coworkers was talking about how his sister was coming down from Maryland to stay with him that weekend. One of the people passing our desks popped their head over the wall.

"Maryland. She lives in Baltimore, right?"

Not even close. I admit it, though. I laughed.