April 1st, 2010



Dear student financial (non-)aid,

I have a $1,000 loan with you. Even though I only have to pay $40 to you every month, I pay $100 because I don't want to have to deal with your sorry ass any more. When I manage to scrape together $200 extra to send to you one month, I expect to see that $200 applied to my loan amount. I do not expect you to state that you never received that $200 when I can look at my bank account, look at the transaction history with confirmation number provided by you for that amount, and see that you clearly received the money. So why is the last payment shown as being for $100? And why are you saying I owe you $800 instead of $600?

I am especially displeased because you got that money over two weeks ago and are still calculating interest based on the higher, incorrect number. A THOUSAND TIMES NO. I AM NOT PAYING YOU ONE FUCKING CENT MORE THAN I HAVE TO. FIX IT! FIX IT NOW!

No love,