March 29th, 2010


At the risk of sounding dumber than I am

For all those people more experience with power tools (I prefer manual for the most part), what do you do when your electric drill gets stuck in the "on" position? I had this happen tonight while I was working with some wood. It was plugged into the wall and the on switch got stuck. there is no off switch on this thing. There was no where I could set it down without fear of it drilling through the floor or something so I could unplug the thing. I just had to fiddle with the switch until it came unstuck. Since I imagine this is not the proper thing to do, what is the proper thing?

For those wondering what I was doing with an electric drill, I was constructing a simple frame loom so I could try my hand and some simple weaving. At least I managed to get some of construction done tonight. My next stop is Michael's where I need to pick up some dowel rods, balsa wood, and string.