March 11th, 2010


Weather day

After being jealous for the last two days that NC had 70 degree sunny weather, I came home to beautiful lower 60s. I promptly took advantage of this and opened the windows in the house. It is really nice outside.

This morning the fog in NC was terrible. Like really bad. How bad? I arrived early for my flight at 8:20am and the guy at the check-in counter spontaneously booked me on the 7am flight because they were not sure the 8:20am flight would make it to RDU due to fog. Plus: got home early. Minus: this was at 6:28am so I wound up only having 30 minutes to get through security and as a result did not get to eat breakfast. Totally worth it to get home early though.

And as a result of the changing seasons, both kitties are sniffling. Or at least I hope it's just allergies. Neither one seems to be lethargic or anything. Just sniffly.