March 6th, 2010


Good day

Today miome and I had sushi at a conveyor belt sushi place at Tyson's Corner. It was good and surprisingly not that expensive. This was helped by the fact that we both like a lot of vegetarian sushi and also by the fact that they had a plate of pickled Japanese vegetables that was awesome. My only complaint was that their inari was not that good.

I'm also going to go drop about $300 on a piece of luggage this afternoon. This sound ridiculous until you realize that 1) I travel a whole hell of a lot, 2) my current most used piece of luggage was about $150 when I bought it, 3) it is literally falling to pieces, 4) it is less than 4 years old and 5) the $300 piece comes with a lifetime warranty that includes airline damage. They will replace/fix it free of charge. That means that if I replace or have it replace once, it will have paid for itself. It's also go more interior room for clothes, is lighter, and has a handle that will be easier for me to use. So worth it for the amount of traveling I'm doing. They didn't have the piece I wanted in the size I wanted at the first store, so we're heading out to another location this afternoon to pick it up.

Finally, I worked more on the Therapy Vampire story, but was unable to finish the next scene. This is because the scene grew on me, doubling in size from what I thought it would be. I'm going to be traveling again next week so hopefully I'm get some more writing done. I have to say I can't wait to type the next part up