February 27th, 2010



My 2009 taxes are done.

I'm getting a refund from the Federal Government. That's no big surprise since I had additional tax withdrawn from my paycheck last year because the University I worked for can't calculate worth shit and I didn't want to get stuck with a $800 federal tax bill like I did last year.

I'm getting a refund from Virginia, which is a nice pleasant surprise.

But not too pleasant because I have to pay almost as much to the state of Indiana thanks to afore mentioned University. YOU ARE A FUCKING STATE RUN UNIVERSITY. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU NOT CALCULATE STATE TAXES CORRECTLY?!?! Not that Indiana didn't always make me bend over around tax time with their ridiculous tax rules. I have never had to pay so much money to a state even after adjusting to try and make sure I didn't. And let's not even talk about the years I had to file taxes in Indiana and another state. "What's that? You made this money in another state? Long before you heard of us or long after you left? TOO BAD. WE WANT A CHUNK." And unlike every other states, if you so much as whimper while handing over the money, they make you file a paper return and not an electronic one.

Deep breaths. This will be the last year I had to deal with them. Thank goodness.
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