January 23rd, 2010


Today was bunday!

Today miome and I had lunch and wandered around with attilatehbun. Always awesome. And since Attila stated she had not read the Therapy Vampire story, I am including a link.

When I got home, I wanted to build myself a frame loom out of some wood that... well, to be honest I'm not sure where it came from. It just appeared in the loft area after the move. Which of course means that it is fair game. Alas, we seem to have gotten rid of the handsaw, so tomorrow I'll probably head to Home Depot and pick one up.

Also I have found a cheap (re: free) source of newspapers for doing paper mache. Newspapers left on the Metro! It has the added benefit of cleaning up as well. Awesome.

Next weekend I am going to be in NC. I'm really excited. I just hope that I have no problems getting back from NC. I'm cutting the flight home a little closer than I wanted to. Hopefully I will get done in less time than I have planned. Either that, or I don't hit traffic on the way to the airport. Otherwise I will be SOL. Ah the joys of travel plans...