January 18th, 2010

silly love

Tsaiko & Miome Theater: 2 acts

BTW, Miome has strep throat and is now on antibiotics. That's the only background you're getting for this gem.

Miome: The only way I'd be interested in sex is if a guy's penis was covered in Robitussin.

And there's the one:

Miome: I really like the Widow Maker story.
Tsaiko: Yeah!
Miome: Except you tagged it as "window maker."
Tsaiko: Oh son of a...

Going to change that right now.

Young Avengers question: who did I write this for?

Okay, while going through my files I came across a fragment I'd written for a Young Avengers AU. The length and the style of writing make me think I wrote it as a response to someone's request or for someone. The problem? I have no idea who it was. It's not written in my normal style. I think I was trying to write in a style similar to attilatehbun's, which makes me think it might be her I wrote it for. But that's just a guess

So... anyone on my friend's list recognize the following bit of story?

Collapse )

At least I know which story this belongs to.